Scott Linden Outdoors

Your dog can help you shoot better

November 27, 2013
Sure, clay target practice is good. But the rubber meets the road when you’re in the field. That’s where you need to put a bird on the ground for your hunting dog.
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VIDEO: Dog training tips—learning to be steady

November 21, 2013
Scott Linden and "Buddy" demonstrate ways to teach your birddog how to remain steady.
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Hunting dog development and training—we are the key

November 12, 2013
What makes a good bird dog? I mean apart from steadiness, strong nose, retrieving ability, and coat quality.
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Gear review: Meindl Perfekt hunting boot

November 5, 2013
A look at how the Meindl Perfekt hunting boot fits and performs.
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Field survival kit essentials: you can take it with you – and should

October 29, 2013
"Don’t leave home without it" is more than just an advertising cliché. There are a number of things I’ll carry any time I can’t see my truck.
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Shoot your shotgun better by paying attention to your dog

October 21, 2013
Pay attention to your dog and you’ll be putting the odds in your favor instead of the bird’s.
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