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VIDEO: Slow your dog down to find more birds

February 16, 2014
Scott Linden and "Buddy" discuss ways to effectively slow down your dog and flush out more birds.
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Open up your pattern and bag more birds

February 14, 2014
If you’ve patterned your shotgun, you know an improved cylinder choke at 30 yards only makes a pattern about three feet in diameter.
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Use a hitch to speed up dog training

February 10, 2014
The basic concept is that a dog will stop — and stay stopped — when he feels pressure on his flank. The hitch applies it.
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A survival plan is something every hunter should have

February 4, 2014
We might be able to tough it out with our survival skills when lost, but at some point wouldn't it be great if someone came looking for you? A survival plan will boost the chances you'll be found.
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Bird hunting terms you should know

January 22, 2014
Just like a French vacation, you'll get along better with the locals — and learn more — if you speak at least some of the language. The bird dog world is no different, especially in the wacky field trial or hunt test environment.
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Gear review: Darn Tough socks

January 17, 2014
Have you ever seen a lifetime guarantee on a sock? Darn Tough offers one. It's doubtful you’ll ever have to take them up on it though.
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There's more to a good hunt than just what you bring home

January 9, 2014
Can we better savor the memories of an outing if we stop and smell the (wild) roses? And pine? And juniper? Here are some ways to "add value" to your hunt.
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Locating your dog afield is critical in bird hunting

January 3, 2014
You can trust to luck and hope your dog has a white tail. A safer bet is a bright, bold orange collar.
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Hunting dogs need a break too

December 30, 2013
Some days, we just play. Explore new places. Or hunt. We go back to the easy stuff on the training agenda. Or practice old skills in new places. What we don’t do is focus on acquiring new skills.
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Scott Linden: What I learned on my fall vacation(s)

December 23, 2013
None of this will help you shoot more birds or make your dogs steadier. But in the long run, you will be enriched by the memories you make, the friendships forged. The journey will rise a notch or two on your life list.
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