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Hunting Dog Questions And Answers

April 8, 2014
Is it easier for a dog to understand two commands "sit" and "stay" or is it easier to teach a single command for sit and stay? Scott Linden has the answer.
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Essential Gear For Every Bird Hunter

April 2, 2014
Don't start a hunt without the confidence that comes from knowing you have all the necessary gear.
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A Good Hunting Spot Offers More Than Shot Opportunities

March 17, 2014
Headed out on a bird hunt? Consider the whole experience next time you’re loading dogs and guns into the truck.
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Tips for keeping your legs healthy during long bird hunts

March 15, 2014
It starts with minimizing the strain on thigh and calf muscles by stepping over, not on top of, logs and rocks.
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All bird retrieves are "blind"

March 12, 2014
Waterfowl guys have a term called "blind retrieve," where the dog doesn’t actually see the bird drop yet is required to streak right to the duck and bring it back.
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Revise your dog training lexicon

March 7, 2014
Sound-alike conflicts are a major bugaboo. Many of our commands can sound like names. Call your setter "Beau," and he might "whoa" when you want him to hunt on.
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Breaking your gun dog's boredom

February 25, 2014
Make a list of skills you think you have down pat. Then add another column with ways to make them harder, in increments, and you'll keep your dog firing on all eight cylinders.
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VIDEO: Slow your dog down to find more birds

February 16, 2014
Scott Linden and "Buddy" discuss ways to effectively slow down your dog and flush out more birds.
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Open up your pattern and bag more birds

February 14, 2014
If you’ve patterned your shotgun, you know an improved cylinder choke at 30 yards only makes a pattern about three feet in diameter.
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Use a hitch to speed up dog training

February 10, 2014
The basic concept is that a dog will stop — and stay stopped — when he feels pressure on his flank. The hitch applies it.
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