VIDEO: Olympian films wolf in Sochi hotel

Is this a wolf stalking Olympian Kate Hansen in a Sochi hotel hallway?
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VIDEO: Slow your dog down to find more birds

Scott Linden
Scott Linden and "Buddy" discuss ways to effectively slow down your dog and flush out more birds.
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VIDEO: February is a good month to call coyotes

Mark Kayser offers tips for calling in February coyotes.
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VIDEO: Men save snow-covered deer

Deer found buried alive in snow after men stumbled over protruding antler.
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VIDEO: Lion defends cub from other lion

One lion attacked another in an attempt to protect her cub.
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VIDEO: Hovercraft come to rescue of frozen deer

A father/son duo perform a rescue mission in the middle of Alberta Lea Lake.
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Borrowed Acres: Planting native browse for deer

Mark Olis
Southern Habitats visits Borrowed Acres to help establish high-protein native browse for deer.
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VIDEO: Deer avoids getting blown up

Lucky deer narrowly misses getting caught in explosive detonation.
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VIDEO: Bull moose fight, results in serious injury

Two young moose fight to the almost death on a Maine road.
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VIDEO: Airport officials chase down coyote

A coyote did its best to avoid getting caught at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.
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