VIDEO: Preparing A Food Plot—Seeding And Watering

Jace Bauserman
After letting your fertilizer work its magic for just over a month, it's time to sow some seed. You don’t need much in terms of equipment, so this is easy on the wallet.
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: New Archery Products

NAP rolls out two sweet new quivers, a stabilizer that's great for bowfishing, and their SpeedFletch.
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VIDEO: Summer Varmint Trapping Tips With Mark Kayser

Keep your farm, land, or favorite hunting ground free of pesky varmints with these trapping tips.
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: TenPoint Crossbows' Venom

Fast and compact, the Venom sports TenPoint’s popular Functionally Superior Bullpup stock, new 19.9-inch carbon fiber barrel, and supercharged XLT limbs.
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: Scent-Lok's Vortex Fleece

The Vortex is lightweight, durable, and showcases Carbon Alloy.
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: Adak Trailers

Adak Trailers creates a serious buzz with its tank-like, four-season, off-road trailer.
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VIDEO: Trapping Summer Coyotes—Trap Preparation

Mark Olis
Traps don’t come from the store ready to go in the ground. Sure, you can set them as is, but that’s not really the right way. Mark Olis guides you through the steps in this how-to video.
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VIDEO: Kill Suit Desert And Grassland Camo For Predator Hunting

The Deluxe Kill Suit ghillie gives you the ability to disappear in plain sight and blend into your surroundings using the best camouflage system on the market.
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VIDEO: Deer Crashes Into Windshield At 70 MPH

Scott Brown
Munching whitetails ruin many suburban landscapes, but the real damage occurs on America’s roadways.
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VIDEO: Rare Saw Shark Caught By Florida Fisherman

Watch as a young angler catches a very large and endangered saw shark.
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