VIDEO: Fishermen Rescue Woman & Baby After Vehicle Driven Into Bayou

May 28, 2014
A group of young men fishing off an Offatts Bayou pier rescued a mother and her infant after she drove into the water.
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VIDEO: FOXPRO Furtakers Take On Arizona Gray Fox

May 27, 2014
Big Al Morris of FOXPRO heads out with the crew from to take on a fox in Arizona.
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VIDEO: Colorado Turkey Meets Rage Xtreme Broadhead

May 21, 2014
A mid-day or late-afternoon blind calling session for toms in search of some loving can prove very successful.
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VIDEO: Lioness Captures Prey Mid-Air

May 19, 2014
Hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, honeymooners, retirees, and mid-life crisis sufferers—it doesn’t matter. Every one should experience Africa.
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VIDEO: Wicked Lights Night Hunting Fox With Predator Pursuit

May 19, 2014
Gray fox called within inches of the FOXPRO Fury and FoxJack decoy, using Wicked Hunting Lights to illuminate the subject.
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Father's Day Gift Idea: Camouflage Man-Candles?

May 16, 2014
Father's Day is approaching. What Dad wouldn't want his living room to smell like camouflage and beer?
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VIDEO: Fish Tongue Or Parasite?

May 13, 2014
Mother Nature is full of wonders. Some of which are positively on the strange side. Did you know there's a parasite that actually becomes a fish's tongue?
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VIDEO: Predator Down Coyote Hunt With Olympic Arms

May 12, 2014
The coyote hunting pros from Predator Down show a contest winner from Olympic Arms how to hunt with an AR-15.
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VIDEO: Public Land Hunting Tips

May 7, 2014
Hunting on public land is a tough challenge. Jace Bauserman says preparation and a little research will go a long way towards making your next public land hunt a success.
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VIDEO: Night Hunting 300-Pound Wild Hog

May 5, 2014
The staff goes out for a hog hunt with the new Wicked Lights.
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