VIDEO: Flying turkey slams into window

Spring turkey season is right around the corner. Instead of a building, we suggest you get in the woods and call a gobbler in!
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VIDEO: Confused moose jumps from building

WARNING: A moose was confused and stressed near a parking lot and ultimately jumped to its death.
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VIDEO: Coyote triple in north central Kansas

Geoff Nemnich heads to north central Kansas and scores big with a coyote triple.
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VIDEO: New self-defense ammo is a "One-Shot Manstopper"

GVO Staff
G2 Research's R.I.P. is being called a "the last round you'll ever need."
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VIDEO: Don't leave your coyote stand too soon

Mark Kayser reminds coyote hunters to stay a bit longer on their stand. Those extra minutes may be the most productive.
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VIDEO: Bear on front porch doesn't bother Californians

If there was a bear on your front porch and you walked right past it, you'd like to think you'd notice it.
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VIDEO: 2014 Cuddeback game cams

Melissa Bachman talks new scouting cam technology with Bowhunting World’s Mark Melotik.
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VIDEO: Yep, even deer need to pass gas

It's Friday and time for a little fun. Roughage is critical to a healthy body and deer, as you know, eat lots and lots of roughage. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of nature!
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VIDEO: Sneak peek at Greenhead Gear's new diver decoys

Hilary Dyer
New Pro-Grade Redhead decoys and Pro-Grade Canvasbacks add to GHG's extensive decoy line.
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VIDEO: Suspected burglar caught on trail cam

Trail cameras are one of the biggest items to hit the outdoor market. They can be used for almost anything. When not scouting for game try protecting your house like this family did.
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