From The Readers: Calling In A Mountain Lion

Both of these Texas hunters were surprised when a large mountain lion answered their predator calls. One of them was far more shocked than the other, however!
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Summer Coyote Hunting Advice

Mark Kayser
With thick vegetation and soaring temperatures, summer coyote hunting poses different challenges then in the winter.
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Should You Be Allowed To Sell Your Venison?

Should You Be Allowed To Sell Venison?

Selling venison is illegal — but why? Should you be allowed to sell your own wild game if you want to?
Patrick Durkin
Selling venison is illegal — but why? Should you be allowed to sell your own wild game if you want to?
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"Mystery Animal" In New York City Finally Identified

Hilary Dyer
A "furry and odd-looking" critter has been spotted running around the Bronx, and it's taken residents months to figure out what it is.
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Shotgun Choke Tubes Waterfowlers Should Know

Jarrod Spilger
There's a wide world of waterfowl-specific choke tubes out there beyond improved cylinder, modified and full.
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Bill Dance's Favorite Summer Fishing Lures

Finesse tackle opens the doors to a wide variety of lures, not just the small jig or feather-weight lures required by true ultralight gear. Here are some of my absolute favorites.
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Will Stocking Big Bucks Improve Antler Size?

Stocking Big Bucks In The Wild: Will It Work?

If you took monster bucks from a game farm and released them into the wild, hoping to improve the genetics of the herd, what are the odds for success?
Dr. Dave Samuel
Can you take big bucks from a deer farm and release them into the wild, improving the genetics of your herd?
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DVD Review: Stalkers In The Backcountry

Mark Melotik
Looking to get into traditional bowhunting or find a new trad adventure? Here's a great look at some extreme, pulse-pounding high-country muley action.
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VIDEO: Preparing A Food Plot—Seeding And Watering

Jace Bauserman
After letting your fertilizer work its magic for just over a month, it's time to sow some seed. You don’t need much in terms of equipment, so this is easy on the wallet.
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Black Bear Bowhunting Can Be The Thrill Of A Lifetime

Paul D. Atkins
Plan an enjoyable, successful black bear hunt in Alaska's legendary Southeast or, perhaps, somewhere closer to home.
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