Best Gear For A Prairie Dog Shoot

Beyond the rifle and ammo, certain gear can make a day of shooting prairie dogs a lot more enjoyable.
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Timing The Whitetail Rut

Every area has unique rut dates. Here is how to determine the rut times in yours.
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Ruger American Rifle

Rifle Review: Ruger American Rifle

The latest hunting rifle from one of America’s iconic firearms manufacturers has everything a serious hunter needs — at a price everyone can afford.
Ruger's American Rifle has everything a serious hunter needs at an affordable price.
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Problem Cougars Are Making Headlines

As hunting rights and methods are being taken away from sportsmen in mountain lion country, problem cougars are becoming a common occurrence.
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Selecting A Low-Light Predator Scope

Here’s what you look for when choosing a predator scope for those low-light conditions.
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Louisiana Gulf Coast Teal Hunting

If you can handle the heat, the bugs and the toothy predators, teal season on the Gulf coast offers great hunting and plenty of Cajun hospitality.
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Using Small Calibers For Predator Hunting

There's been a renewed interest in smaller, faster calibers, But, is less really better to hunt coyotes?
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Early-Season Strongholds

The Four Best States For Hunting Early-Season Deer

Just because it's summer doesn’t mean deer season is not already here.
Early-season deer hunters can find great success in Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina and Montana.
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VIDEO: Management Advantage's Summer Coyote Trapping

Summer is often looked upon as unproductive for trapping coyotes, but where legal, summer offers a great opportunity for successful trapping that is very beneficial to your deer herd.
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The Hunt For Speckled Trout

A few miles east of the crowed beaches along northwest Florida’s panhandle sits St. Joe Bay, where people are fewer and trout are abundant.
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