Why Not Hunt Bedding Areas?

Why Not Hunt Deer Bedding Areas?

Are you brave enough to venture into these “forbidden” areas to hunt rutting bucks?
Conventional deer-hunting wisdom says you should never enter a buck's bedding area. But during the rut, sometimes you have to break the rules.
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How To Ambush Shell-Shocked Bucks

How To Ambush Pressured Deer

You must think outside the box to penetrate a heavily hunted buck’s defense mechanisms.
Bucks that face heavy hunting pressure don't usually leave — they hunker down and figure out how to hide under your nose without letting you see them. Here's how you can ambush these pressured deer.
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Custom Shooting House Windows

Shooting houses are nice for keeping the weather off of you when hunting, but if they have properly fitting windows they can also help contain your scent. Here’s a look at some easy-to-install custom windows for your next shooting house.
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