Darton Archery New Bows For 2014

Mark Melotik
A pair of smooth-drawing speedsters headline 2014 innovation for this legendary brand.
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Summer Predator Trapping

Mark Olis
With coyotes wreaking havoc on whitetail fawns in the Southeast, Mark Olis is implementing a predator-trapping program on his hunting property this summer.
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Staying Warm On Any Hunt, Anywhere

Peter B. Mathiesen
How to keep the cold at bay no matter what weather you’re hunting in.
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Field Test: New Back-Tension Release Aid Cures Target Panic

Jace Bauserman
Target panic is something most every archer will struggle with at some point. While this nasty annoyance affects archers in different ways, it is something that will certainly hinder shooting enjoyment on the range and success in the field.
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Woman Attacked By Duck Sues Owner For $275,000

Hilary Dyer
A woman is claiming personal injury and pain and suffering after an attack by a neighbor's pet duck.
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UPDATED: Mossberg Partners With Red Jacket Firearms

Hilary Dyer
Red Jacket Firearms, famous for its reality TV series Sons of Guns, has signed an agreement with Mossberg to develop a branded series of shotguns and rifles.[Story has been updated]
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Water And Whitetails: Why Your Deer-Hunting Land Must Have Water

Les Davenport
Having ample water on your property is vital to holding deer all season long. And without sufficient water during warm ruts, your hunting season could be as parched as the weather.
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Duck-Hunting Myths — Busted

Wade Bourne
Duck-hunting myths get passed around so much they are eventually taken as fact. But it’s time to rethink these widely held beliefs.
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Three Ways To Hunt Black Bears

Mark Kayser
Spring black bear hunting can be a blast, but a treestand isn’t the only way to do it.
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Six Ways To Improve Bedding Areas For Deer

Bernie Barringer
Without great bedding habitat, the bucks you have been watching might be lost to the neighbors. Follow these suggestions and you will soon have more deer bedding on your property.
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