5 Must-Have Traits For The Successful Turkey Hunter

The best turkey hunters are masters of many skill sets. If you want to take more turkeys, here are the must-have attributes you need to work on.
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Five Fast Facts About Deer And Habitat

Quick facts about how many hours a day rutting bucks spend chasing does, the earliest and latest breeding dates on record, and more.
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What Are VLD Bullets?

You might have heard a lot about VLD (very low drag) bullets. But what are they for?
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Carmen Mountain Whitetails

Why You Should Head To Mexico To Hunt Carmen Mountain Whitetails

A cutting-edge hunt in northern Mexico produces one of the most successful and exciting deer hunts the author has ever been on.
Carmen Mountain whitetails offer one heck of a challenging deer hunt for hunters looking to go south of the border.
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Speed Scouting For Longbeards

My questions for you: Are you ready for turkey season? Do you know where you’re going to hunt?
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Squirrel Master Classic Pits Hunter Vs Hunter In Epic Airgun Battle

Gamo Outdoor USA pits teams of hunters against each other in a winner-takes-all airgun competition. Heaviest bag of squirrels at the end of the day wins!
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How To Capitalize On The Archery Boom

As archery’s popularity continues to expand, so should your pro shop’s overall margins. Here’s how some are putting their best foot forward and capitalizing on the current archery boom.
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From The Readers: California Coyote Hunting

A California predator hunter gets a chance to stroll down memory lane with an old relative who has access to coyote paradise.
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The Effects Of UV Brighteners On Ungulates

How Deer See UV Brighteners

The reason that UV brighteners make it easy for deer to spot you isn’t what most people think.
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Predator Hunting Rules To Live By

Mark Kayser shares four predator-hunting rules that you should always follow to be more successful.
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