2014's Best Slugs For Deer Hunting

Hunters who use slug guns for deer will want to take a look at this year's best slug loads.
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Difference-Making Deer Gear: Scent Control And Game Cams

When it comes to driving pro shop profits, pursuit of the wily whitetail is the undisputed King. Check out some of the best in scent control and game cams.
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Easton “Experimental” Arrows Afield

In an intimate Florida hunting camp Easton’s long-time Marketing Director shares some insights into the company’s past, and its future.
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10 Great Slug Guns

Top 10 Slug Guns For Deer Hunting

No longer clunky and inaccurate, the modern slug gun can consistently take deer out to 150 yards or more. Here's a look at today's best.
Deer hunters who use slug guns out of preference or necessity will find these new models to be more accurate and easy to use than the slug guns of Grandpa's day.
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How To Take Advantage Of Deer Senses

A deer’s front line of defense is its senses of smell, hearing and sight. Fool these three senses and you’re on your way to a successful hunt.
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Picking Pocket Whitetails

How To Find Deer In Tiny Pockets Of Cover

Small isolated cover areas can produce big results — if you know how to figure them out.
You can find big deer in small spaces — if you know where to look.
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Traditions StrikerFire LDR

Muzzleloader Review: Traditions StrikerFire LDR

A hammerless cocking system minimizes lock time and a 30-inch barrel improves downrange performance on this cutting-edge muzzleloader.
The Traditions Vortek Strikerfire LDR is a cutting-edge muzzleloader that offers accuracy and consistency while being easy to use and maintain.
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Discover Animals On Your Property With Trail Camera Surveys

Trail camera surveys are a great way to see how many does and bucks (especially what type of bucks) are on your property just before season starts. Here are a few products that can help with this important chore.
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Find And Hunt Coyote-Bedding Areas

Take the time to scout out likely bedding areas for coyotes, and then hunt them when conditions are right.
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Knife Sharpening On The Go

Some field-dressing jobs require a pit stop to sharpen your knife in between skinning and butchering. Here’s a system that makes it easy and sharp!
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