SHOT Show 2015: Crosman Bulldog .357

Crosman introduces a new .357 airgun that is designed for serious predator hunting and shooting big game.
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Olympia Mini Latern

Olympia's new WD180 mini lantern is packed with features and allows hunters hands-free use for their lighting needs.
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SHOT 2015: Prois Offers Safari Clothing For Women

Known for innovative performance gear for women hunters, Prois has added some safari options to the 2015 lineup.
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Remington’s 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader

Most deer hunters are familiar with the popular Remington 700 action — and now there's a muzzleloader with an exciting new ignition system added to the 700 line.
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Shooting Targets At One Mile

The author visits Lucid Optics' range in Wyoming to shoot rifles topped with their optics out to 1 mile!
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Winter Eating Habits

What Do Deer Eat In Winter?

If you know what deer are going to be eating in the middle of winter, you'll know where to set up for a late-season hunt.
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Take A Kid Hunting, Pass It Down

It’s the New Year. Make a resolution that makes a difference in someone's life and makes a new hunter.
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VIDEO: Two Wolves With One Shot

Years of sacrifice and dedication for one wolf hunter all came to a climax in the Canadian boreal forests.
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Calling In Daytime Raccoons

When winter sets in, grab your e-call and head to the nearest river bottom for some action-packed calling for daytime raccoons.
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Patterning Winter Bucks: Focus On Frozen Foods

Pattern Winter Bucks By Focusing On Foods

As winter nears, deer hunters should hope for snow, freezing winds and dwindling food supplies. Whitetails are more predictable when food and cover concentrate them in smaller areas.
You can still find deer in the late season if you concentrate on the food sources that remain.
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