Maximum Point-Blank Range

Step By Step Rifle Sight-In Tips

How to sight-in your rifle to take all the guesswork out of holdover.
Gordy J. Krahn
Here's how to sight-in your deer-hunting rifle to take all the guesswork out of holdover.
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How To Find The Ducks In Any Weather Conditions

Wade Bourne
Knowing how the birds react to snow, rain, floods, droughts and more is key to successful scouting. Here's where to find ducks in any weather.
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VIDEO: Making An Effective Mineral Lick

Mark Olis
Minerals are an important part of a deer’s diet, especially in the summer months. Think of them as a daily vitamin for your deer herd.
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Custom Predator Calls And More

Mark Kayser
Big-name products get all the buzz, but there are some killer custom products out there, too.
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Diver Hunting Basics: What, Where, How

Hilary Dyer
Want to try hunting for diving ducks? Here’s the lowdown on scouting, setup, decoys, guns and loads.
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Shotgun Review: Benelli Ethos

Jarrod Spilger
Benelli's new Ethos is a semi-auto built for form as much as function — and it eliminates the "Benelli click."
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VIDEO: Big Whitetail Buck Trapped By Coyotes

The crew at Management Advantage takes you on a journey to hunt whitetail bucks, but this isn't how they want to claim their tag.
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What The Farm Bill Means For Duck Hunters

Shauna Stephenson
This year’s much-talked-about Farm Bill is mostly good news for ducks. Here are our picks for the best and worst parts of the bill as it concerns waterfowl.
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VIDEO: How To Trap Summer Coyotes On Your Land

Mark Olis
Invest in predator control to boost your deer numbers by creating effective trap sets to outfox summer coyotes.
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Big Buck Transition Zones

Bill Vaznis
For bowhunters on the ground, transition zones offer excellent still-hunting prospects at a quality shot.
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