VIDEO: New "Hypodermic" broadhead from Rage

Mark Melotik and Rage's Mike Nischalke discuss Rage's new "Hypodermic" mechanical broadhead.
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VIDEO: Tenzing rolls out a Crossbow pack for 2014

Premium pack maker, Tenzing, has a new pack built for crossbows ready to hit in 2014.
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VIDEO: How to clean your AR-15

The folks at Optics Planet walk you through the steps to clean and reassemble your AR-15.
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VIDEO: How to use whitetail tactics on coyotes

Sometimes you need to change up your hunting plan. Mark Kayser shows you ways to go after coyotes like you would whitetails.
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Muzzleloader Review: LHR Sporting Arms Redemption Rifle

Brad Fenson
This new company has hit it out of the park with a muzzleloader that is simple to operate, extremely accurate, and easy to clean.
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From the Readers: Using a trail camera for predators?

For those with predator check lists, setting up trail cameras in multiple areas will give you a good idea of what kind of fur is around.
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VIDEO: Bear roams Los Angeles neighborhood, chased by helicopter

Bear sightings are not uncommon in Southern California but this one garnered live TV coverage.
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Top 10 items for your waterfowl bag this season

Jarrod Spilger
Here are 10 things every waterfowl hunter should consider trying out this season.
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Field survival kit essentials: you can take it with you – and should

Scott Linden
"Don’t leave home without it" is more than just an advertising cliché. There are a number of things I’ll carry any time I can’t see my truck.
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VIDEO: Sitka shows us what life in Bozeman, Montana is all about

Sitka Gear Athletes talk about life in the great town of Bozeman, Montana.
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