Erie Walleye Anglers Take Notice Of Perfect 10 Bass Bait

Abe Smith
Word spread through the tournament ranks that night, and it continued to spread. Within a couple of weeks, almost everyone Matt Hougan talked to was pulling the new jerkbait.
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Canadian Hunter Shoots Coyote With Snare Around Its Neck

Brain Peddle of Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada called in a coyote with an amputated paw and a snare around its neck.
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Best Mini-Crankbaits For Stream Trout Fishing

Jeff Samsel
Crankbaits prompt reaction strikes from fish that might study and eventually reject something smaller and slower moving. They also increase your odds of finding large trout that live in a stream, but do so without culling numbers.
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Mathews Inc. New 2014 Bows

Mark Melotik
With four great-looking new models, Matt McPherson and company have raised the bow technology bar yet again.
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Where to hunt the biggest deer

Dr. Dave Samuel
Out-of-state deer hunters need to know where to go to find the biggest whitetail bucks.
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Prime Bows By G5 New For 2014

Mark Melotik
Prime continues its exciting run using accuracy enhancing technology you won't find anywhere else.
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Super magnum shotguns — do you need one?

Jarrod Spilger
Super magnum shotguns are all the rage, but does a 3/12-inch shell really make enough difference to make up for the recoil?
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Kansas geese over water

Hilary Dyer
Hunting Canada geese over water in Kansas is not your typical waterfowling.
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A Good Hunting Spot Offers More Than Shot Opportunities

Scott Linden
Headed out on a bird hunt? Consider the whole experience next time you’re loading dogs and guns into the truck.
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The basics and benefits of shed hunting

Pat Reeve
Showing the beginner the ropes of shed hunting is a lot like taking a kid hunting or fishing for the first time. It is important to set them up to be successful and make sure the experience is a positive one.
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