11-Year-Old Michigan Boy Shoots Albino Buck; Antis Freak Out

An 11-year-old Michigan hunter killed a 12-point albino buck with a crossbow last week. He's thrilled, but not everyone thinks shooting an albino is a good idea.
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ARs Are Perfect For Hunting Grizzlies

A grizzly-bear outfitter went looking for the perfect bear rifle and instead formed Alaska Magnum ARs, LLC. He now sells beautiful custom ARs mean enough to take down brown bears.
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6 Great New Blinds

Great Ground Blinds For Deer Hunters

Want to hunt big bucks from a ground blind this deer season? Here are six can't-go-wrong options.
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Hunting Utah Antelope With A Custom AR-15

Two brothers embark on a Utah Antelope hunt with a custom-built AR-15 designed to reach out and touch a speed goat.
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6 Essential Blind-Hunting Tactics & Techniques

6 Blind-Hunting Tactics For Deer Hunters

Advanced tactics for eye-level hunting success.
Deer hunting from a ground blind presents a few challenges. Here are a few ways to make the most of eye-level hunting for big bucks.
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Gear Spotlight: Thermacell ProFLEX Heated Insoles

While many of us are enjoying beautiful fall weather, it won't be long before the frigid cold of winter sets in. Here's sleek product that will keep your feet toasty while afield.
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On The Rebound And Back In The Action

Bowhunting World/Archery Business Editor Jace Bauserman is back afield after battling a sudden and serious medical condition this summer.
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Testing Easton “Experimental” Arrows Afield

How do Easton's Deep Six Experimental shafts perform in real-life hunting conditions?
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Difference-Making Deer Gear: Crossbows, Nocks, And Accessories

When it comes to driving pro shop profits, pursuit of the wily whitetail is the undisputed King. Check out some of the best in crossbows, nocks, and accessories.
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Secondary Home Ranges

Where'd All The Bucks Go?

Where'd your whitetail buck disappear to right before the season started? Chances are, he's run off to his secondary home range.
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