4 Ways To Maximize Spring Deer Scouting

Mark Melotik
Ready for some spring deer scouting on public land tracts? Keep these tips in mind and you'll make the most of your precious time as well as set the stage for a successful fall hunt.
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Mission Archery New Bows For 2014

Mark Melotik
Looking for a bow packed with premium features that doesn't carry a "premium-bow" price? Look at Mission.
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Mountain Lion Hunting Is Good

Mark Kayser
From big horn sheep predation, to mountain lions attacking tranquilized elk, to Californians dealing with the family dog being dragged from the backyard, there is a real need for hunting mountain lions.
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Spot And Stalk Black Bears

Jack Young
Tagging bears by hounds or bait offers a certain brand of excitement and high-odds success, but not every jurisdiction allows these methods. For do-it-yourself bowhunters, this means still-hunting or spot & stalk, each dictated by terrain and vegetation type.
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Best Treestand Locations For Whitetails

Bill Vaznis
Where should you place your stand to increase your chances at whitetails during all phases of the season? It’s never too early to start locating and maximizing your next big buck hotspot.
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Are The Biggest Antlers Farther North?

Dr. Dave Samuel
As a general rule, whitetail deer in Northern locations have larger bodies than deer in the South. But can the same be said about antler size?
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From The Readers: Indiana Youth Bags First Coyote

Levi Adams of Bowling Green, Ind., used his Rossi .410 shotgun to take his first coyote during a deer hunt with his dad this fall.
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Deer Health: The Link Between Water And Deer Disease

Les Davenport
EHD and blue tongue disease in whitetails are transmitted by biting insects that often live near water.
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Erie Walleye Anglers Take Notice Of Perfect 10 Bass Bait

Abe Smith
Word spread through the tournament ranks that night, and it continued to spread. Within a couple of weeks, almost everyone Matt Hougan talked to was pulling the new jerkbait.
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Canadian Hunter Shoots Coyote With Snare Around Its Neck

Brain Peddle of Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada called in a coyote with an amputated paw and a snare around its neck.
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