Q&A: Calling Bobcats With The Verminator

The author spent three days calling bobcats with one of the best cat callers in the business, Rick Paillet — The Verminator. Rick shares his secrets to hunting bobcats in this Q&A.
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VIDEO: Tactical Pumpkin Carving

Team Grand View Outdoors' entry in the company pumpkin carving contest is guaranteed to blow the competition away.
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4 Reasons You Can’t Miss The 2015 ATA Show

Archery Trade Association’s leaders expect its balance of new and improved features will make 2015’s Show the biggest and best yet.
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Early Days

Where To Hang Tree Stands For Early-Season Deer Hunting

In early bow season when the temperature is hot and the rut is weeks or months away, you can still ambush deer and even mature bucks if you know where to hang your treestand.
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VIDEO Rifle Review: Savage Model 11 Lady Hunter

Savage's Lady Hunter is a capable, accurate rifle built specifically for a woman — and it's also a very manageable gun for youth.
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Best Coyote Calls For Winter

Use this series of distress and vocalization calls this winter to bring in wary coyotes.
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Don’t Get In A Rut

What To Do If The Deer Stop Showing Up? Move!

Not seeing any deer? Maybe you're stuck in a rut.
Ever utter the phrase "the deer just aren't here like they used to be?" Maybe it's true, but maybe you need to move on from the stand locations you've used for too many years.
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Can You See Me Now?

Gear Review: New Riflescopes And Binoculars For Deer Hunting

2014's Best Optics
Deer hunters, check out some of the best riflescopes and binoculars to hit the market in 2014.
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Deer Hunting With A Tactical Lever-Action Rifle

Inspired by the AR-15, this tactical lever-action puts a new look on an old-school hunting rifle.
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Wisconsin Wolf Season Moving Fast

Wisconsin hunters and trappers are having quick success during Wisconsin's third wolf season.
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