Fast Deer Facts, By The Numbers

New facts and figures out of the Southeast Deer Study Group shed some light on deer home ranges, the impact of hogs and coyotes on deer, and more.
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Whitetail Decoying Tips For Dummies

If you’ve never tried decoying rutting whitetail bucks, you’re missing out on one of the game’s deadliest tactics.
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10 Solutions For Rut-Hunting Problems

The deer rut is supposed to be "easy," right? Well, it doesn't always go as planned. Here are 10 solutions to hunting problems you might run into during the whitetail rut.
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Realistic Expectations

Realistic Expectations For Hunting Deer On Public Land

Planning a DIY public-land deer hunt? Be realistic about you can expect to see and what you consider a "trophy buck."
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Ample Hearing Devices For Hunters To Choose From

Hearing loss making it hard to hear game in the woods? Hearing enhancement devices may help you get your edge back.
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Public Land Success: How To Find The Killing Tree

Public Land Deer Hunting: How To Find The Killing Tree

Here’s how one traveling DIY bowhunter consistently fills his tags with mature bucks.
Here’s how one traveling public-land bowhunter consistently fills his tags with mature bucks.
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Field Test: Hang-On Treestands

Our team worked over eight of 2014’s top new hang-on treestands. Sitting all day has never been more comfortable.
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Rules? What Rules?

When To Break The Deer-Hunting Rules

Deer-hunting conventional wisdom exists for a reason, but sometimes you have to break the "stay in your stand" rule to make something happen.
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Scents: The Secret Art Of Deer Attractants

Are you a scent skeptic? Think these powerful potions are a gimmick? Think again. When used in the right situations and under the right conditions, they can be your magic wand.
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Mature Bucks Won't Return Where Hunters Have Been

Do you find yourself in the same rut, even during the rut? Hunting the same stands, but just not getting the results you have gotten in years past?
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