Bow Reports

Bow Report: Darton DS-3800

The “DS” is an acronym for DualSync, a reference to Darton’s hybrid cam system. The original Pro 3800 featured the same basic design, but the name was changed to DS-3800 presumably to highlight that design.
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Bow Report: BOWTECH "Experience"

For 2013 BowTech’s designers, in response to input from customers, backed off the throttle and designed what BOWTECH touts as “the smoothest drawing, quietest shooting, most forgiving bow” they have made to date.
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Bow Report: Elite "Hunter"

Elite boasts that its bows are extremely quiet, in addition to being “dead-in-the-hand,” and our objective tests indicate that the Hunter is, in fact, a very quiet bow.
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Bow Report: Quest Rogue

The Rogue is all about being smooth-drawing, pleasant-shooting, forgiving, and affordable. Virtually every feature of this bow’s design contributes to its shootability, beginning with the new Fluid Cam.
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Bow Report: Elite Answer

The Answer is Elite’s attempt to produce “the perfect blend of smoothness, speed, and stability in an all-around hunting and 3-D bow.”
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