PHOTO GALLERY: Moose vs. Car

Your DNR warns you. Your hunting buddy warns you. Your local news warns. Signs warn you. But nothing prepares you for a moose vehicle collision.
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Cougar Fatally Injures Horse North Of Spokane

Wildlife officers are hunting a cougar that fatally attacked a horse near Deer Lake, about 30 miles north of Spokane.
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Elderly Woman Saves Dog From Coyote Attack

The quick thinking and loud screams of an 84-year-old Bensenville-area woman has neighbors calling her a hero after she scared off a pack of coyotes attacking a neighbor's dog.
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VIDEO: Suppressed Shotgun Destroys Drones

Scott Brown
In a world where Big Brother is taking more and more control how could a suppressor help you? Say hello to Johnny Dronehunter.
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Judge Says DC Can't Ban Carrying Firearms

Christian Lowe
Surprise weekend ruling by federal judge argues District's anti-carry law doesn't pass constitutional muster.
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Researchers Finding That Cougars Not So Solitary

New research has debunked theories as to why mountain lions in northwest Wyoming seem to be eschewing their normal solitary habits.
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Thousands Of Fish Killed By Red Tide Off Florida Coast

Citizens have reported thousands of dead or dying reef fish like grouper, hogfish and snapper as well as sea turtles and crabs.
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Bobcat Fur Farm Looks To Move From To Montana

The owners of a commercial bobcat fur farm are looking to relocate from the bustling oilfield region in western North Dakota to a quieter area in central Montana.
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Maine Bear Hunters Set Bait For Perhaps Last Time

This could be the last year it's legal for hunters in Maine to bait bears with jelly doughnuts in the woods, and doughnut day has arrived.
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Settlement Ends Oregon Coyote-Killing Contest

Coyote contest organizer Duane Freilino said he agreed to the contest-ending settlement because he ran out of money to pay attorneys.
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