VIDEO: Skateboarding over a gator is not smart

Many people have bucket lists, but annoying a large reptile is likely not high on most people's life goals. However, skateboarders seem to think it's cool.
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Missouri deer hunting reaches crossroads

Missouri deer hunters remember days when they could pick and choose the deer they wanted to shoot. Now, they're lucky just to see deer. Any deer, let alone a big buck.
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2 charged with poaching deer in Vermont

Vermont Fish and Wildlife wardens said they visited the house last year where the men lived and found three deer in their shed.
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Nebraska turkey permits to be available Jan. 13

Each permit lets a hunter kill one male or bearded female turkey with bow and arrow in the archery season or with a shotgun in the shotgun season.
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Live: 2014 ATA Show Floor Report

Mark Melotik
We found some new-gear gems in the aisles of Nashville.
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Tennessee leaders to meet over hog hunting regs

State officials plan to meet with county leaders to address restrictions on hog hunting.
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Program allows Georgia hunters to donate deer to needy

There's still time for hunters to participate in the Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program.
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VIDEO: Utah gunmaker says 'No' to $15M sale to Pakistan

Christian Lowe
A Utah gun maker is getting kudos for putting principle before profit by refusing a sale of its precision rifles to the government of Pakistan.
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Maryland wants hunters to go hog wild on wild hogs

Shoot 'em. That's what Jonathan McKnight of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources says hunters should do if they encounter a wild hog in the woods or fields.
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Georgia plantation using cougar urine to deter hogs

Workers at a historic plantation in south Georgia are using cougar urine to scare off feral hogs that have rooted grass and damaged a nature trail.
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