VIDEO: New self-defense ammo is a "One-Shot Manstopper"

GVO Staff
G2 Research's R.I.P. is being called a "the last round you'll ever need."
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Lawmakers: $2M aimed to kill more than 500 wolves

Idaho now has about 680 wolves, according to Department of Fish and Game estimates.
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Ex-fish and wildlife official faces ethics charges

Kentucky's former top wildlife official was charged with a series of ethics code violations, stemming partly from claims that agency employees performed personal work for him while on state time.
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Fox discovered frozen in lake

Cold weather causes most of us to grab a coat or reach for the thermostat, but animals in the wild are not as fortunate.
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VIDEO: Bear on front porch doesn't bother Californians

If there was a bear on your front porch and you walked right past it, you'd like to think you'd notice it.
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Daniel Defense announces $20 million expansion in Georgia

Christian Lowe
One of the nation's most popular AR-style rifle manufacturers plans to launch a five-year, $20 million program to expand its manufacturing and customer service operations near Savannah, Ga.
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VIDEO: Yep, even deer need to pass gas

It's Friday and time for a little fun. Roughage is critical to a healthy body and deer, as you know, eat lots and lots of roughage. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of nature!
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Wisconsin board approves deer changes

Key provisions include; eliminating in-person deer registration in favor of online or phone registration, reducing the number of deer management units and creating county committees to advise the DNR on population goals.
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Interior secretary headlines outdoor-gear show

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell made a pitch for a privately funded youth conservation corps and sought donations for the effort from executives at an outdoor-gear trade show.
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Maryland considers changing black bear hunt

Maryland may eliminate the quota system that has dictated the length of each season since bear hunting resumed in 2004 after a 51-year ban.
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