Thousands Of Fish Killed By Red Tide Off Florida Coast

Citizens have reported thousands of dead or dying reef fish like grouper, hogfish and snapper as well as sea turtles and crabs.
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Bobcat Fur Farm Looks To Move From To Montana

The owners of a commercial bobcat fur farm are looking to relocate from the bustling oilfield region in western North Dakota to a quieter area in central Montana.
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Maine Bear Hunters Set Bait For Perhaps Last Time

This could be the last year it's legal for hunters in Maine to bait bears with jelly doughnuts in the woods, and doughnut day has arrived.
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Settlement Ends Oregon Coyote-Killing Contest

Coyote contest organizer Duane Freilino said he agreed to the contest-ending settlement because he ran out of money to pay attorneys.
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Canada Rolls Back Gun Restrictions

Christian Lowe
Calling firearms owners "exemplary citizens," government eases licensing requirements, takes rifles off banned list.
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VIDEO: Deer Meets Porsche At Full Speed

A recent trackday in Scranton, Pennsylvania became more expensive for the driver of this Porsche. The deer, well, it didn't make it.
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Minnesota To Allow Expanded Wolf Kill This Year

Minnesota will issue 500 more wolf licenses this year and allow hunters and trappers to kill 30 more wolves than last year's target.
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VIDEO: Shark Eats Shark

Watch what happened when a blue shark sees a fellow toothy one as a tasty snack.
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Sportfishing Industry Awards "Best of Show" At ICAST Trade Show

Steve Gramins
Check out the new products awarded "Best of Show" at the 2014 ICAST sportfishing trade show, held in Orlando, Florida, this July. Hats off to the winners!
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Teen Recovering After Barracuda Shreds Arm, Chest

A teenage boy is recovering after a 5-foot barracuda apparently jumped into his father's boat and slashed his arm and chest.
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