VIDEO: Watch A Python Eat A Croc

Crocodiles and snakes have a tendency to make some people cringe. How about watching a python eat a croc? That should turn the tables on your childhood nightmares—or create new ones.
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Steyr Arms Expands Operations In Alabama

Mark Olis
Alabama again benefits from firearms’ manufacturers in its state. Steyr Arms, manufacturer of high-end firearms, expanded its operation in the Birmingham area.
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Slow Start For NY Town Using Birth Control On Deer

Heavy snow and red tape resulted in a disappointingly slow start for a pioneering program in a New York suburb to use birth control as a no-kill way to thin the numbers of deer.
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Nebraska Mountain Lion Hunting Bill Surfaces Again

Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers isn't done yet with his fight to outlaw mountain lion hunting.
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Bears End Hibernation At Grand Teton National Park

Bears are out of hibernation at Grand Teton National Park and officials say both residents and park visitors should be alert for them.
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Minnesota To Hold Bear License Numbers Steady

Minnesota wildlife managers plan to hold the number of bear hunting licenses steady this year to help gradually increase the bear population.
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Researchers Net 'Zombie Bass' With Electricity

Americans spend about $48 billion annually fishing for fun, and they like knowing what's in the water with their bait. To provide answers to that question and more, biologists are conducting a study where they use “electrofishing” to stun fish in Tennessee Valley Authority lakes.
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Garrett Metal Detectors Celebrates Milestones

50 years in business is no small feat. 82 years in life is also quite the accomplishment. Garrett Metal Detector employees recently celebrated Charles Garrett's birthday and the company's anniversary.
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VIDEO: Trail Cam Spots UFO Over Mississippi

GVO Staff
A Jackson County couple say their trail cams picked up a UFO. Whether it's alien or a government drone, they aren't sure, but it either way it adds some "flavor to life."
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Wild Turkeys Make Comeback In West Virginia

Fewer than 100 years ago, the state's wild flocks had all but been exterminated, and until the 1960s turkeys could be found in only a relative handful of counties.
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