Virginia's Elk Herd Continues To Grow

Virginia's elk herd continues to grow, along with the public's interest in the big animals.
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Robinson Outdoors Makes Marketing Firm Change

Jace Bauserman
CEO Scott Shultz noted that Robinson’s focus to meet customer demands by delivering exciting new technologies and branching into new markets has never been more focused.
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Seven Year Old Wins Archery Prize

7-year old Connor Sivley overcomes broken arm, three surgeries to excel in the sport he loves.
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Two Deer Tie Up Traffic On Golden Gate Bridge

Authorities say a pair of deer on the Golden Gate bridge snarled traffic in and out of San Francisco during the evening commute.
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Bear Chases Bow Hunter Up Tree, Bites His Leg

Jerry Hause says he didn't have time to use his bow so he scrambled up a tree. The bear followed him and bit his left leg.
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Mississippi Temporarily Lifts Sales Tax From Guns, Hunting Gear

Mississippi will remove its 7 percent state sales tax on guns, ammunition, archery equipment and some hunting supplies this weekend.
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2nd State Record Gator In 3 Days For Mississippi

Mark Olis
Three days after Mississippi's state record for alligators was broken, The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks has certified an even bigger gator.
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The Mental Aspect Of Good Bow Shots

Even if you master all the physical aspects of making a killer bow shot, there's still the mental game that can't be overlooked.
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Bowhunting North America 2014-2015

L.N. Tauer
Our annual overview of bowhunting forecasts, season dates, and regs across the continent.
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Is The End Near For California Home Built Guns?

Christian Lowe
A bill that would require registration of homemade firearms awaits signature from California Gov. Jerry Brown.
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