Scholastic Clay Target Program Shows Significant Growth

Shooting sports at the high school and collegiate levels are experiencing unprecedented growth, as witnessed by the recent Scholastic Clay Target Program Midwest Regional Tournament held in Sparta, Illinois.
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Easton Salt Lake Archery Center Ready To Inspire Archers

Jace Bauserman
Expansive new $12 million facility will work to introduce competitive archery to young and old.
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VIDEO: Automatic Weapons Can't Take Down Drone

The attendees of the Big Sandy Shoot try to shoot down a small drone to little success.
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After Attack, Officials Kill 5 Bears In Florida

Florida wildlife officials have killed five bears after an attack on a woman in the driveway outside her home.
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Fishing Group Founder Expands Marketing Ventures

Ray Scott made his name with fishing tournaments, publications and television shows. But that wasn't why a group from New York traveled to his Pintlala property.
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VIDEO: Bear Attacks Florida Woman Near Her Garage

Several bears were spotted around a central Florida home but one took a woman from her garage and attacked her.
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VIDEO: Kill Suit Desert And Grassland Camo For Predator Hunting

The Deluxe Kill Suit ghillie gives you the ability to disappear in plain sight and blend into your surroundings using the best camouflage system on the market.
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Republican Candidate Shoots Obamacare, Draws Fire From Jon Stewart

Mark Olis
Republican candidate for Alabama District 6, Will Brooke, recently launched an ad campaign where he literally tries to shoot holes through Obamacare. Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” verbally fires back at Brooke.
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Missisquoi Delta Recognized As Important Wetland

Vermont's Missisquoi Bay delta and bay wetlands are being recognized as important wetlands.
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Cougar Estimates Criticized By Montana Hunters

Mountain lion hunters in northwestern Montana say state Fish, Wildlife and Parks estimates of the lion population in the Bitterrott Valley are too high.
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