Grand Teton Park Elk Hunt Gets Underway

Congress allowed the “controlled reduction” of elk when the park was created in 1950. Hunting is not allowed in most national parks, and the hunt in Grand Teton comes with restrictions.
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VIDEO: Hot Shots Pin-Up Calendar Shoot Angers Some In Utah

A risque video shot in conservative Utah featuring bikini-clad women firing high-powered weapons and riding in tanks for a pinup calendar has raised the ire of a pair of law enforcement agencies who have found some of their officers appearing in the film.
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Feds Extend Comment Period On Idaho Wolf Derby

A permit is required because a derby is considered a competitive event with prizes. In 2013, there were two $1,000 prizes, one for the hunter who killed the biggest wolf, the other for the hunter who bagged the most coyotes.
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Traditional Fox Hunting Scarce, Hunting Clubs Target Coyotes

American fox-hunting is a sport so steeped in tradition that riders still wear ties and blazers and cry out “Tally ho!” at the sight of prey. But it is adapting to one dramatic change: Coyotes have displaced foxes in the wild and become the hunters' new quarry.
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