VIDEO: Trail Cam Spots UFO Over Mississippi

GVO Staff
A Jackson County couple say their trail cams picked up a UFO. Whether it's alien or a government drone, they aren't sure, but it either way it adds some "flavor to life."
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Wild Turkeys Make Comeback In West Virginia

Fewer than 100 years ago, the state's wild flocks had all but been exterminated, and until the 1960s turkeys could be found in only a relative handful of counties.
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Vermont To Issue Fewer Moose Hunting Permits

Vermont will be issuing 20 percent fewer moose hunting permits for the regular season this fall, based on estimated population densities and moose management goals.
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Mainers Can Get Outdoors Licenses Good For Life

Some Mainers can now get licenses for fishing, hunting, trapping or archery that last a lifetime instead of having to renew them every year.
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Recreational Hog Hunting Popularity Soaring

“It's fun to do, and it's challenging,” says Jody Greene. “It's something I can do with my family and friends, and it's pretty exciting out there at night.”
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Illinois House OKs Lower-Cost Hunting Bill For Seniors

The proposal also eliminates the fee to receive pheasant, furbearer, and habitat or migratory fowl stamps for hunters.
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Harsh Winter Trims Maine Deer Herd, Cuts Permits

The winter mortality rate among the state's approximately 200,000 deer was 12 percent, compared with 8 percent last winter and 10 percent for an average winter.
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USDA Sharpshooters Kill 156 Deer In Maryland Park

The National Park Service says government sharpshooters killed 156 white-tailed deer in the fifth year of a herd-reduction program at Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont.
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Couple Sued In Fire Caused By Squirrel Dinner Prep

Cooking a squirrel with a propane torch leads to apartment complex fire.
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Black Rain Ordnance To Build New York Compliant AR Rifle

Christian Lowe
The New York AR-15 and AR-10 ships with a special stock, a non-threaded muzzle and a new gas block without the "evil bayonet lug."
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