Arkansas River Fishing Is Better Than Ever Before

The formerly unheralded river with a reputation for heavy-metal contamination has suddenly entered the conversation as a contender for the title of Colorado's top trout fishing stream.
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Wind Cave Uses Helicopters To Disperse Elk Herd

Using a helicopter to push wild animals from one area to another would seem to be a relatively easy operation, but officials from Wind Cave National Park know better.
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Elk Herd Video, With 1 Straggler, Goes Viral

A 19-year-old Bozeman man's three-minute video of hundreds of elk hopping a fence and crossing a road east of Bozeman, and the perseverance of one straggler to keep up with the group, is an online hit.
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Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Iowa Deer

The state Department of Natural Resources has confirmed Iowa's first case of chronic wasting disease in a wild deer.
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Coyote Attack Prompts East Idaho Trail Closing

Authorities in Pocatello have closed a trail after two coyotes approached a woman walking a small dog on a leash and one of the coyotes attacked the dog.
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3 Rehabilitated Bobcats Released In Northern New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has returned three young bobcats to the wild.
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$6,500 Reward In Shooting Alligators In Arkansas

State and federal agencies are offering a $6,500 reward for information leading to those who shot and killed two alligators in the Pond Creek National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Arkansas.
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Gander Mountain Remodeling Guns-Only Stores

Shelby Murdoc
Big box outdoor retailer Gander Mountain has been experimenting with a number of firearms-only stores for the past year, but that experiment is ending.
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Tracking Point Releases New Video On Smart AR

Mark Olis
You’ve probably read about the new Smart AR by Tracking Point — The 500 Series AR — now check out a new video showing how the technology actually works. Coyotes don’t stand a chance!
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Duck Hunter Recalls 50 Years Along The Susquehanna

John R. McDonald was 24 when a friend, the late Bill Shutt, invited him to go on a duck hunt with him. He was immediately hooked and would immerse himself in the waterfowling culture for the next five decades.
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