Encounters Between Floridians, Wildlife Increase

Whether it's bears wandering through neighborhoods, deer feasting on gardens, or raccoons slipping through the doggie door wildlife and people in Florida share the same space more often than not.
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Cemetery Copes With Deer Eating Gravesite Flowers

A Delaware cemetery is asking visitors to bring artificial flowers to gravesites, saying hungry deer are eating fresh floral arrangements there.
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Award-Winning Archery Champ Shoots With His Teeth

Incredibly, Joe Wiseman shoots with a draw weight of 62 pounds, and increases it to 72 when hunting, no small feat, even for someone with two good arms.
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Study Says 'Assault Weapon' Bans Don't Work

Christian Lowe
A newly released academic study suggests states that ban so-called "assault weapons" and restrict concealed carry rights have more gun-related murders than states who do not.
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VIDEO: Coyote Hunting With Anything Wild

This Predator Down hunt features the crew from "Anything Wild."
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CMMG Launches New AR Pistols

Mark Olis
AR manufacturer CMMG listened to its customers and recently launched a pair of AR pistols chambered in 300 BLK and 9mm.
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No Wolves To Be Brought To Isle Royale For Now

The superintendent of Isle Royale National Park says officials have decided not to bring more wolves to the Lake Superior island chain for now to prevent their dwindling population from dying out.
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Arkansas River Fishing Is Better Than Ever Before

The formerly unheralded river with a reputation for heavy-metal contamination has suddenly entered the conversation as a contender for the title of Colorado's top trout fishing stream.
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Wind Cave Uses Helicopters To Disperse Elk Herd

Using a helicopter to push wild animals from one area to another would seem to be a relatively easy operation, but officials from Wind Cave National Park know better.
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Elk Herd Video, With 1 Straggler, Goes Viral

A 19-year-old Bozeman man's three-minute video of hundreds of elk hopping a fence and crossing a road east of Bozeman, and the perseverance of one straggler to keep up with the group, is an online hit.
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