Breaking: Mathews Releases New 'Chill X' and 'Chill SDX'

Jace Bauserman
Today Mathews launched two new bows, including one they say will appeal to the "all-around" archer — whether a competitive target shooter or serious hunter — and another that's designed for smaller-framed shooters and women.
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Camouflaged Hunter Struck, Killed On Highway

A hunter wearing “very elaborate” camouflage was killed when two vehicles struck him as he tried to cross a southern New Jersey highway.
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Duck Production Above Average

Louisiana duck hunters have been hearing for years that lean days are coming. But that's not likely to happen this year.
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Disease Rules For Some Deer Could Be Costly

The key to keeping Chronic Wasting Disease at bay in Missouri's white-tailed deer population is prevention.
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Judge Blocks Coyote Hunting Near Red Wolves

A federal judge in North Carolina ordered a stop to coyote hunting near the world's only wild population of endangered red wolves because the animals look so similar and are easily confused.
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Deer In Yakima Area Struggling To Survive

Central Washington's deer population into a steep decline with no rebound in sight.
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VIDEO: Fish Tongue Or Parasite?

Scott Brown
Mother Nature is full of wonders. Some of which are positively on the strange side. Did you know there's a parasite that actually becomes a fish's tongue?
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2 Alabama Men Charged With Cheating At Fishing Tourney

Officials say the men took the fish out of a hidden holding tank where they had been stored before the competition began.
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Wandering Oregon Wolf May Have Found A Mate

Oregon's famous wandering gray wolf, dubbed OR-7, may have found the mate he has trekked thousands of miles looking for.
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Missouri Conservation Department To Hold Deer Meetings

The state's free-ranging white-tailed deer population supports 12,000 jobs and generates more than $1 billion in economic activity annually in Missouri.
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