Elk Killing Trial Ignites Emotions In Hippie Town

Prosecutors say Sam Carter, fascinated with the elk, stalked it for days and sought to mount its head on a wall as a trophy. They said he shut off the GPS in his squad car when he shot the animal, and failed to radio dispatchers his location.
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Indiana AG Wants Clarity On Fenced Deer Hunting

The state is currently appealing a Harrison County judge's decision throwing out the state's ban on hunting operations where deer are shot in fenced-in enclosures.
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Louisiana Hunters Using Drones To Spot Hogs For Hunts

Christian Lowe
Dubbed the “Dehogaflier,” the team of Louisiana pig hunters uses a thermal camera-wielding unmanned plane to spot groups of hogs from the air to help vector in AR-shooting marksmen for the kill.
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Woman Says She Played Dead In Alaska Bear Attack

The bear knocked Jessica Gamboa down, then picked her up and threw her to the ground. The bear went on to pummel Gamboa several times more with her powerful paws.
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Three Offbeat Tactics For Summer Walleyes

Sometimes, thinking outside the box is an even better way to put more, bigger walleyes in the box.
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VIDEO: Deer Crashes Into Windshield At 70 MPH

Scott Brown
Munching whitetails ruin many suburban landscapes, but the real damage occurs on America’s roadways.
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Alabama Approves Hunting With Suppressors

For years, suppressors had a nefarious image as being a poacher's tool. That explains why so many states in the past had banned their use in hunting. Those same states are now reversing their stands.
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Wandering Bear Shot By Police Still At Large

A bear shot and wounded after it wandered into a busy campground in Savage, Minnesota has not been found.
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VIDEO: Rare Saw Shark Caught By Florida Fisherman

Watch as a young angler catches a very large and endangered saw shark.
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VIDEO: 2,700-Yard Shot Made With Savage Rifle

Shooter attempts to match longest confirmed kill at 2,707 yards by Corporal Craig Harrison.
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