2014 Bowhunting Gear: Ameristep's 'Man Cave'

Ameristep's new-for-2014 Bone Collector Man Cave is engineered for sitting or standing bow shots. The Man Cave boasts large shoot through mesh windows and an Offset Hub design.
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Chicago Council Passes Ordinance Banning Gun Stores From Most Of City

Christian Lowe
New restrictions on retailers require employee fingerprinting, videotaping gun sales and special training to spot "straw purchasers."
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: Cajun Bowfishing

Cajun Bowfishing’s Sucker Punch tips the scales at 3.2 pounds, boasts a 7.25-inch brace height, and measures 32.25-inches axle to axle.
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Gerald Swindle Has Special Day On Arkansas River

Gerald Swindle
Gerald Swindle had no thoughts of coming close to a win heading into the final day at the Bassmaster Elite Series event at Lake Dardanelle – until the bewitching hour!
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Alaska Bear Crashes Baby's Birthday Bash

A black bear might have literally crashed a child's birthday party and eats cupcakes.
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New Mexico Makes Progress Against Feral Pigs

Game officials say they have eliminated the majority of invasive porkers from 10 counties, and progress is being made in another seven counties where the pigs have taken up residency.
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Bear Attacks And Kills Suburban Dog

A black bear who was with three cubs attacked a Husky outside a home in Bloomfield, Connecticut.
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Charity Watchdog Strips Animal Rights Groups Of High Rating

GVO Staff
Charity Navigator issues donation advisory for the Humane Society of the United States.
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Hunters Surveyed About Lead Ammunition

On the theory that what happens in California often drifts north, Oregon wildlife officials are surveying hunters in the state to gauge their opinions about lead ammunition.
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Wingshooting USA's New Season Coming Soon

Love dogs and bird hunting? You’ve got to watch the new season of America’s favorite upland hunting show, Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA.
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