Bear Wanders Into Courthouse Parking Garage

Deputies in central Wisconsin say an adult bear wandered into a parking garage beneath the Wausau courthouse.
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Mississippi Alligator Hunt Application Period Begins

Hunters must have a valid Mississippi hunting license before the application is made.
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Squirrel Hunting Misadventures

Scott Brown
An 11 day hospital stay with birdshot and squirrel flesh in your buttocks is certainly a squirrel hunting misadventure.
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Elk Group Donates $25K For Wolf Management

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has donated $25,000 to the state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to help the agency better determine the number of wolves in Montana.
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Predator-Control Effort Aims To Boost Moose

Alaskan biologists have again killed dozens of bears in an effort to increase the number of available moose for subsistence hunters in part of the western Interior.
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Deer Runs Into Hospital

A deer apparently came out of woods and jumped over hedges and landed on the hood of a car in the parking lot. The animal then ran onto the loading dock and through a door into the hospital.
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Weatherby Shooters Bloomquist, Pascoe Sign With New Pro Teams

Christian Lowe
In case you were looking for an excuse to become a Seattle Mariners fan or sing the Atlanta Falcons fight song on Sundays, there’s a new reason to add a couple teams to your cable lineup.
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Lawmakers Give Themselves Expanded Weapons Rights

Louisiana lawmakers will be able to carry concealed weapons in most public buildings, under a bill that has received final passage.
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No Concealed Carry On Georgia Campuses And Schools

Says Georgians will not be able to carry a weapon on college campuses or in other schools when two new laws go into effect July 1.
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Great Lakes States To Fish For Invasive Species

Several states from the Great Lakes region have teamed up to reduce invasive fish species that have grown in population in recent years.
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