Study: Feds Say Lead Ammo Use Kills Bald Eagles

Christian Lowe
Study finds gut piles left by hunters in Upper Midwest with lead fragments are killing the U.S. national bird.
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Ire Over Gun Control Lingers In Upstate New York

New York's SAFE Act likely to have impact on gubernatorial election. NRA registrations have doubled since the SAFE Act became law.
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Whitetail Deer Encroaching On Mule Deer

Wyoming is proposing to allow more hunting of white-tailed deer in most reaches of northwest Wyoming in order to protect mule deer from being driven out.
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BOWTECH Names New VP Of Sales

Jace Bauserman
BOWTECH recently boosted its management team by naming Scott Henrikson as its Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
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Missouri Pushes For Tougher Deer Rules To Battle CWD

Missouri officials are advancing tougher rules for deer breeders and hunting preserves, potentially stripping the conservation agency of power over captive deer.
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Deer Jumps Through Office Window

Police in the northern Illinois village of Roscoe say a deer jumped through a real estate office's double-pane window.
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Baby Moose Are Not Pets

Biologists are reminding people not to touch moose calves or try to take them home as pets following a string of incidents involving people handling the animals.
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: Hoyt

Available in 30 and 34 inch models, Hoyt's Carbon Spyder is fast, forgiving, and extremely smooth.
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How To Clean A Pike

Lawrence Taylor
Cleaning a pike is easier than you think. Creating boneless pike fillets results in a perfect fish fry, but the firm, cream-colored flesh is awesome baked, grilled, stir fried, broiled, boiled or simmered in mouth-watering chowder.
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VIDEO: Summer Varmint Trapping Tips With Mark Kayser

Keep your farm, land, or favorite hunting ground free of pesky varmints with these trapping tips.
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