Illinois Town Adopts Plan To Haze Coyotes

The plan only makes reference to “high-intensity hazing techniques by trained personnel.” Techniques include throwing rocks or golf balls, as well as “aggressive hazing” meant to “address more egregious coyote-related incidents” or attacks.
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2,000 Snow Geese Dead In Idaho

Wildlife officials say 2,000 migrating snow geese have died in eastern Idaho, likely from a disease that can cause birds to die in midflight and drop out of the sky.
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Illegal Bull Elk Kills Earn You Jail Time

A second man has been sentenced for his role in illegally killing three bull elk in central Pennsylvania in September, including one of the largest bulls ever recorded in the commonwealth.
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Gun-Rights Advocate A Powerful Force

Kim Stolfer is the president of Firearm Owners Against Crime, a gun-rights political action committee whose influence arguably ranks alongside that of the National Rifle Association.
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