VIDEO: Former Pro QB And Model Wife Get Hunting Show

Scott Brown
What do athletes do when they retire or find themselves with more free time than usual? Simple. Start a Realty TV hunting show.
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Moose Permit Auction Nets $23,500

Proceeds from the auction help support fish and wildlife initiatives and education programs run by the state Fish and Game Department.
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Michigan Senate Passes Pro-Wolf Hunt Initiative

Vote makes moot two statewide votes forced by animal rights organizations that oppose hunting the the resurgent gray wolf in the Upper Peninsula.
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57-Year-Old Woman Survives Alaska Bear Mauling

Alaska State Troopers say a 57-year-old woman drove herself to a hospital after she was mauled by a brown bear.
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Wisconsin Approves Crossbow Hunting Season

Creating the new crossbow season ran into some opposition from traditional bow-and-arrow hunters who worried that allowing a crossbow would taint archery hunting.
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Crossbow License Required In Wisconsin

A crossbow license will allow hunting deer and small game with a crossbow.
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Judge Rules Semi-Automatic Rifles 'Dangerous and Unusual'

Christian Lowe
Decision is a major blow to gun rights groups who argue AR-15s and AK-47s are widely owned by shooters to protect the home.
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Crossbow Hunters Get Dedicated Scentblocker Gear

Jason Herbert
Robinson introduces Scentblocker X-Bow, a product line designed specifically for crossbow hunters.
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Church Pig Wrestling Event Draws Ire From PETA

GVO Staff
Four decade tradition at a Catholic church upsets the activist crowd. Church says no animals are armed and law enforcement agrees.
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Elk Wants To Eat Apples But Cops Won't Let it

A young bull elk with a hankering for apples has for the second time been sedated and removed from a southwest Idaho city.
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