Gun-Rights Group Challenges Texas Handgun Law

A gun rights group and a North Texas dealer are taking on a federal law that limits where people can buy handguns.
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Man Kills 9 Foot Bear Trying To Get Into House

A Sterling, Alaska man shot and killed a 9-foot brown bear that attempted to break into his home several times.
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12 Year Old Girl Takes Bear With Crossbow

Emily Hohenwarter knows how to handle a crossbow, but she didn't know what it would be like to shoot at a black bear
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Big Alligator Wanders Out Of Surf On Hilton Head

It took two men 40 minutes to snare, rope and tape the 800 pound alligator as a crowd of about 100 people watched.
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Daniel Defense Says DPMS Violated Copyright

Christian Lowe
Rifle maker claims its “Lighter, Stronger, Better” slogan was ripped off by rival, causing confusion with potential customers.
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Gear Review: Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Case

Mark Olis
A waterproof case that protects your iPhone, allows for complete function of phone and takes clear pictures.
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Soil Prep, Tests Yield Better Food Plots

Hunters become farmers as they disc, plant and fertilize food plots in hopes of luring bucks into green fields. Unfortunately, many of those food plots will never produce their full potential.
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2014 Bowhunting Gear: Burt Coyote's Lumenok

See just how bright the Lumenok lighted nock shines and discover how simple the Lumenok’s turns on/off.
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Broomfield Uses Rubber Buckshot To Haze Coyotes

Broomfield open space officials have begun “high-intensity hazing” that includes rubber buckshot after aggressive coyotes have come close to residents and their pets.
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Shooting Ranges Are Popping Up Across America

Recreational shooters, VIP shooters, law enforcement training, and increased gun sales have led to a boom in the shooting range business.
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