VIDEO: Divers Rescue Trapped Manta Ray

Divers exploring the waters off Costa Rica recently had an extraordinary encounter with one of the ocean’s most majestic creatures.
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VIDEO: Bear Likes California Swimming Pool

Scott Brown
It's currently really hot in Southern California. So hot, that bears are taking a dip in swimming pools.
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Tenzing Cloaks Packs In Mossy Oak

Jace Bauserman
The big news: Many of the company’s best sellers and all-new packs will now be cloaked and offered in Mossy Oak camouflage.
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Texas Style Hunting Trucks

Hunting season is upon us and that means it's also truck season! Everything is bigger in Texas, including their hunting vehicles.
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Under Armour Releases New Camouflage Pattern

Christian Lowe
Developed for Western hunters, the Ridge Reaper Barren camo uses new technology to fool the toughest big game.
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Mystery Animal Befuddles Northwest Ohio Town

The guesses in Leipsic, a village of about 2,000 people south of Toledo, are that the animal is a wolf, a large coyote or a wolf mix.
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It's Cops Vs. Hogs In Louisiana

With an estimated half-million wild pigs roaming Louisiana, there are few predators to curtail their numbers.
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VIDEO: Dove Hunting With Silencers

Our friends at SilencerCo show you what it'd be like to go dove hunting with suppressors.
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Officals Kills Mountain Lion That Attacked 6 Year Old

California wildlife officials confirmed that a mountain lion they shot and killed is the same one that attacked a 6-year-old boy on a hiking trail.
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Bear Bites Biologist's Leg During Salmon Survey

Kodiak fisheries biologist James Jackson had to miss a day of work and he's got a new scar on his leg, but he considers himself lucky after a close call with a Kodiak brown bear along a salmon stream.
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