The IRIS warns hunters if their gun is aimed at a person

Dubbed the IRIS, it is the world's first active safety alert system designed to prevent hunters being mistaken for game and shot.
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Maybe not ram tough, but damn tough

Oliver Shapiro
Every camper, probably every outdoorsman, needs a lantern. No-brainer there, but why should this new item from Zippo merit any attention?
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VIDEO: First look at the Gerber MP1AR multi-tool

Christian Lowe
New for 2014 and debuting at SHOT Show, Gerber has developed a new multi-tool that's designed to help AR shooters perform basic maintenance and adjustments on their rifle and have a couple extra implements for everyday needs.
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VIDEO: First look at the Trijicon 1-6x VCOG

Christian Lowe
Love your ACOG but wish you had the ability to zoom in and out? Well, Trijicon delivered this year with its first variable-power illuminated optic dubbed the "VCOG."
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The concealed carry pistol for women

Rochelle Kaplan
Bersa may not be a name one immediately thinks of when it comes to buying a concealed carry pistol, but the Argentine firearms manufacturer offers a few nifty compact semi-auto handguns.
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Fasten your ammo belts

Bob Rogers
In the world of deuces and guns, it's the innocuous twenty-two that continues to surprise, but you have to be a history buff to take full advantage. A trip to your local auctioneer could help, but pick one with a passion for guns.
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Bold/bolt-action leader surprise

Rick Sapp
One would expect that bold industry leaders like the Freedom Group companies and in particular Remington Arms, would be on top of every projectile category, from rocks to the latest commercial AR platform.
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VIDEO: Benelli Ethos blends art and function

The new Ethos from Benelli will appeal to upland hunters and clay shooters alike. Weighing just six pounds with a new recoil-reduction system in the stock, it's perfect for going from the field to the range.
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A can within a can

Shelby Murdoc
Utilizing a special "can within a can," DuraCoat's new Aerosol contains both finish and hardener in one easy to use package.
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All-new hunting shotguns revealed

Steve Comus
The 2014 SHOT Show opened to aisle-choking crowds and booth-bulging buyers. Even so, there were early indications that the hunting shotgun arena this year is packed with a combination of line extensions peppered with the introductions of a few actually new models.
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