Strother Archery's New Bows for 2011

Dan O’Hare buttonholed us at ATA to tell us about a new bow company for which he is director of marketing. We’re glad he did. The company is Sandusky, Michigan-based Strother Archery, which actually launched last year to a response that was overwhelming. Literally.

“It was a nightmare for us,” explained O’Hare. “We fully expected success, but especially in a down economy we just did not anticipate the flood of orders that came in. The result was some disappointed dealers who felt they could have sold a lot more Strother bows if we had been able to get the product to them. We retrenched, burned a lot of midnight oil, and now we’re ready.”

The newest bow from the new bow company is the SX-1. The 6 1/2-inch brace height is generous enough for most bowhunters while still helping Strother’s Hyper S Cam System generate blistering speeds of up to 347 fps. One unusual feature of this system is “take your pick” modules: one module is the smooth-draw module, the other is the fast-draw module. A unique (to our knowledge) feature is the consistent efficiency of this cam across the draw weight spectrum. Typically, a 70-pound bow will function most efficiently at or very close to 70 pounds and will lose efficiency rapidly as the draw weights drops down to 60 pounds.

“The drop-off with this cam system,” explains O’Hare, “is only a few feet per second from 70 pounds down to 60 pounds.”

Weight of the SX-1 is 4.1 pounds, very reasonable for an axle-to-axle length of 34 1/16 inches. (OK, these guys are into precision.) The 80 percent letoff is particularly welcome at the 70- and 80-pound draw weights, though the SX-1 is available in weights of 50 and 60 pounds as well. It draws smoothly enough to come back easily when fatigue, cold weather, or long hours sitting motionless become a factor. The SX-1 is available in Predator Brown Deception and Black Death, as well as Camo Riser/Black Limbs and Black Riser/Camo Limbs. Retail Price is about $800.

For the bowhunter who demands the fastest bow for the flattest trajectory at extended ranges, Strother offers the uncompromising performance of the SR-71, which launches arrows at warp speed—353 fps to be precise, measured at 70 pounds draw weight and a 30-inch draw length. A tiny bit shorter than the SX-1 at 33 5/8 inches, the SR-71 weighs in at 4.2 pounds. The 6 1/16-inch brace height is among the largest (read most forgiving) among the few bows that clock in at speeds over 350 fps. The countoured, laminated wood grip adds eye appeal as well as comfort to this bow. The back wall is firm and the draw cycle is surprisingly smooth for a bow this fast, but make no mistake, this is a bow for the shooter who demands maximum speeds for the flattest trajectory at extended ranges. The SR-71, like the SX-1, is available in Predator Brown Deception and Black Death, and retails at around $800.

Not about to ignore the growing numbers of women bowhunters, Strother offers the Allure, a bow enabling women to reach speeds that usually require heavier-draw weights, thanks largely to Strother’s Hybrid Cam System. The Allure is 33 5/8 axle-to-axle, weighs an even 4 pounds, and has a brace height of 6 1/16 inches. Draw weights are 40, 50, or 60 pounds, and draw lengths range from 24 to 26 inches, with letoff adjustable between 65 percent and 75 percent. At speeds of up to 296 fps, this bow is for real. It’s available in Predator Brown Deception, and Black Death. An optional pink laminated grip with pink strings and cable is also available on the all-black version. The Allure retails for about $800.

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