Ross Archery's New Bows for 2011

Introduced in 2005, Ross bows quickly developed a small but devoted—and growing—following of discriminating bowhunters. After a few recent years in flux, Ross was back at the 2011 ATA show with some new management and its latest bow, the Crave, available in a 33.5-inch axle-to-axle version as well as a 31.5-inch model. Apart from a slight difference in weight (4 pounds even vs. 3.8 pounds for the shorter model), string length, and draw lengths, specs are virtually the same, with a brace height of 6.5 inches, 80 percent letoff, and draw weights of 50, 60, or 70 pounds. Draw lengths run from 27 to 31 inches for the longer bow, 26 to 30 inches for the shorter one. IBO speed for both is a sizzling 335 fps. The Crave features the now-familiar parallel limb construction and offers modular draw length adjustments, along with Ross’ Dual Locking Limb Pockets and 2-Track Dual Sync Cam System. Specs aside, this is one sweet-shooting, high-performance bow. It comes with Winner’s Choice Custom Strings, and a special ladies version is available for the 31.5-inch model with pink/black strings and cables. Retail price on the Crave is about $800.

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