PSE's New Bows for 2012

Dream Season EVO

PSE’s 2012 Dream Season EVO has already developed somethingof a cult following. Touted as “the ultimate hunting bow,” the new EVO Cam matches the 345 fps top speed of last year’s version while achieving a smoother draw cycle. Boasting half-inch inner cam adjustments and an improved cam profile to suppress noise and vibration, the 2012 EVO is the smoothest-drawing of the X-Force bows. Axle-to-axle the new EVO is 321⁄4 inches, with a 6-inch brace height and a 75 percent letoff. Mass weight is 4.4 pounds, and draw lengths run from 25 to 30 inches, with draw weights of 50, 60, or 70 pounds. The new EVO features the same Planar Flex Riser and Centerlock Pockets as PSE’s other Pro series bows, and it is available in Break-Up Infinity, Skullworks, and black riser w/Break-Up Infinity limbs. Suggested retail price for the Dream Season EVO is $850.


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If your arms hang to your knees (or if you just happen to be a really big guy) you’ll want to check out the Freak. Actually, you might want to check it out if your size is perfectly average. When we were handed this new bow at the ATA Show shooting range in Columbus, we were told that at 60 pounds it draws like 50 and shoots like 70. We can’t argue the point—it is one very smooth and very efficient bow. At 35 inches axle-to-axle it’s a little on the long side by current standards. Draw lengths go from 28 inches out to a whopping 33 inches in half-inch increments. Employing PSE’s EVO Cam, it reaches top speeds approaching 358 fps at 33 inches, or 322 fps at 30 inches. Letoff is 75 percent, and the Freak has a friendly 71⁄4-inch brace height with a mass weight of 4.7 pounds. Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, PSE Skullworks Camo, and several other finishes, the Freak retails for $899.99.

Brute X

Bowhunters seeking the look, feel, and technology of a PSE bow in a price range under $400 will want to check out the Brute X. PSE has completely redesigned the original Brute with pre-loaded split limbs, a new pivoting limb pocket system, a new machined riser, and redesigned Madness Pro Cams. The Brute X also boasts PSE’s StringStop and distinctive Raptor Grip. It’s 31 inches axle-to-axle with a 71⁄4-inch brace height and 75 percent letoff. It reaches speeds up to 320 fps. Draw lengths are 25 to 30 inches in half-inch increments, and the Brute X is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Skullworks, and several other finishes. Optional Ready-to-Shoot packages are available, but the bow alone carries a suggested retail price of $399.99.


Increasing numbers of hunters like the maneuverability, convenience, and (all else being equal) lighter weight of compact bows. If you’re among them, take a look at PSE’s new Revenge. It’s 295⁄8 inches axle-to-axle while delivering the speed and performance characteristics PSE bows are known for. IBO speed is a blistering 340 fps. Based on the Vendetta XS, it boasts an all-new riser and limb package. Weight is 4.2 pounds, draw weights are 50, 60, and 70 pounds. with 70 percent letoff, and draw lengths run from 241⁄2 to 30 inches. It’s available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Skullworks, plus several other finish options and retails for $649.


If versatility is among your highest priorities, you might not need to look any further than PSE’s new Rally. The Rally’s Opti-Cam allows an amazing 12 full inches of draw length adjustment, from 18 to 31 inches, in half-inch increments, easily and without a press. Draw weights are available in 50, 60, and 70 pounds. Limb bolts can be adjusted 10 full turns from peak weight, providing a super-wide range of weights, making this bow ideal for a growing youngster. It features a long list of new PSE technology from the cams to new limb pockets and limbs, and PSE’s distinctive Raptor Grip. Brace height is a user-friendly 7 1⁄2 inches, axle-to-axle length is 33 3⁄4 inches, and the Rally reaches speeds up to a respectable 308 fps. Mass weight is 4.5 pounds. It comes standard in Mossy Oak Infinity Break-Up. And though, of course, this isn’t important, the Rally doesn’t look like a beginner’s bow. Available in Ready-to-Shoot packages at a higher cost, the bare bow retails for $299.


For serious female bowhunters PSE adds a new X-Force bow to its line-up in the form of the Stiletto. At 293⁄4 inches axle-to-axles, a mass weight of 4 pounds even, and a letoff of 75 percent, it’s comfortable to carry as well as shoot. At the same time, thanks in part to PSE’s Mini EVO Cams and a slightly skinny but reasonable 6-inch brace height, the Stiletto achieves speeds up to 318 fps at its maximum draw length of 271⁄2 inches. (Adjustable in half-inch increments, the Stiletto’s draw lengths start at 23 inches.) It’s available in 40, 50, and 60-pound models, and comes finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Skullworks, and numerous other patterns. Suggested retail price for the Stiletto is $699.

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