How It's Made: Turkey Mouth Call

April 11, 2011

On a recent turkey hunt at Lifetime Hunts in Macon, Miss., we sit down with Trey Williams of Pittman Game Calls and he shows us how to make a turkey mouth call.

1. How does the amount of tension applied to the latex change the sound of the call?

Williams: "The tension we put on our calls is very important to achieve the sound we are looking for. The tension we put on our calls changes the way the latex vibrates when the caller puts air over the call. We use different tension with different calls depending on the number of reeds, the different latex, and the different 'cuts' in our calls."

2. What do the different cuts to the latex do the sound of the call?

Williams: "The different cuts we put in our calls change the way the reeds vibrate when the call is blown, by making certain parts of the call vibrate more or less depending on the style of cut in the calls."

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