From The Readers: Calling in a mountain lion

April 17, 2013

I called in and shot a mountain lion this past March while hunting on Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

My passion to hunt and kill a mountain lion started a few years back while I was black powder hunting for black bear with a .54 Hawkens rifle my dad gave me. I was using my mouth to mimic a fawn crying/bleating in hopes of luring a bear out of some oak scrubs. While this was going on a huge male mountain lion snuck up behind me to within 10 yards. I did several deep growls that I normally use to scare away bears I don't intend to harvest, but the lion never flinched. After staring down the big cat for a few moments, I ended up charging it while pointing the muzzleloader at it. Only after I charged it did I scare it over the side of the mountain I was on. This encounter changed my passion for these animals.

After my encounter I read every book and watched any documentary I could about cougars to learn more about them. I have put many hours in setting up a rubber fawn decoy in areas where I have seen mountain lion sign. Several times trekking in early in the morning through the snow in the dark to do my first setup, only to hike out later and see that several mountain lions had indeed tracked right in my own foot prints and I never saw them!

This time it was different. This cat came into my calling at about 100 yards away. With my binoculars I spotted her face and white chest fur. The sun was behind me so she was lit up. The mountain lion’s gaze was fixed on the little rubber deer-fawn decoy I set out in the grass near a creek bottom. With one shot from my old Remington 788 chambered in .308 (110-grain Sierra HP) the cougar went down!

After 3 years of trying to call in a mountain lion I was extremely excited and satisfied to take such a formidable and elusive opponent. The cat weighed just over 80 pounds after being gutted in the field and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) said she was 5 to 7 years old. They extracted a small tooth and I'll get the official age of her later on. Even the CPW folks seemed genuinely happy for me, which made me feel good.

I challenged myself with the most formidable opponent in woods here in Colorado and proved that you can call in a mountain lion.

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