Bow Report: Mathews Monster Chill

March 19, 2013


It was something of a shock when, in 2009, the company responsible for the single-cam revolution announced the introduction of the McPherson Se­ries Monster line of dual-cam bows. With the tag line “The fastest bows you’ll ever want to shoot,” the Monster bows were (and still are) touted for a high degree of shootability despite their very high speeds.

Speed is relative and so are terms like “shootable” and “smooth,” in addition to being somewhat subjec­tive. The newest bow of the Monster bows is the Chill. In comparison with most previous Monster bows, the Chill sacrifices about 10 to 20 feet per second in speed to gain a smoother draw cycle and make for quieter, more forgiving shooting. Make no mistake; at approxi­mately 333 fps IBO, the Chill is still a very fast bow—it just cannot claim, as can its predecessor the MR6, to be among the fastest bows in production at 355 fps.

Twin cam technology aside, the Monster Series bows are readily identifiable as Mathews products from the long Grid-Lock risers, parallel limbs, walnut grips, and roller guards. On closer inspection the Chill differs from its predecessors in several ways. The most obvious, if not most important difference is that the distinc­tive walnut grip has been replaced by Mathews’ new Focus Grip, a softer synthetic grip with a vertical ridge that contacts the pressure point of the hand, keeping most of the hand away from the grip, to reduce torque.