Waterfowl Migration Reports — Atlantic

Avery Outdoors takes a look at waterfowl migration reports.

October 16, 2014


Name:Eric Bartlett


Location:Hollis, Maine

Weather:It is clear and seasonably cool.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water is calm and cool. With recent rain fall water conditions have come up to normal levels.

Feeding Conditions: Very abundant acorns have littered the shorelines as well as a fair amount of aquatic vegetation is still around at the shores edge. Green fields are drawing the geese consistently.

Species and Numbers:  20 wood ducks, 30 greenheads and about 150 Canada geese

 Migrations: We did not see to many groups of birds moving around most likely due to warm weather and ample feed.

Hunting Report: Fall foliage that is coming down is making it a very rich camo pattern for duck to blend in with. This has been creating a difficult scenario to scout and spot birds.

Gossip:We are approaching the split here in southern Maine and will have to travel a little to be able to hunt birds or we can dawn a little orange and do some

upland. Any way you decide to play, good luck out there!


Name:Arliss Reed


Location:Esperance, NY

Weather:Warmer than normal

Snow Cover:N/A

Water Conditions:Low

Feeding Conditions:Geese are mostly in cut corn and ducks are in wetlands and swamps

Species and Numbers:Lots of Canada geese around but it seems like there aren't very many ducks around.

Migrations:Some Canadas moved through after dark over the weekend but duck numbers are still down and no snow geese yet.

Season stage:Duck season is open in the SE zone and opens in the western zone Saturday.

Hunting Report:Slow start for the SE Zone opener for most guys.


Name:Dave Weidner


Location: Hamilton Square, New Jersey


Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Low

Feeding Conditions: Improving

Species and Numbers:Wood ducks, teal, mallards

Migrations:Canada Geese

Season Stage:Early

Hunting Report: The north zone opener yielded few wood ducks and from what I could see, duck numbers where I was hunting, appeared low.  Public lands where absolutely pounded with pressure, which seems to be even worse because of the low water conditions.

Gossip:  None


Name:Marshall Starkey


Location:Essex, MD

Weather:Seasonal weather with rain and overcast most of the week.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Average

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields and impoundments that have recently flooded are holding birds.

Species and Numbers:Canada goose numbers continue to inch up.

Migrations:New geese have shown on the Upper Shore. There was a really good push of new geese over the weekend.

Season Stage:Sea duck season is open and October duck season is open.

Hunting Report: Wood duck hunting has been very good this year.

Gossip:Happy duck hunting!


Name:Sean M. Fritzges

Date:14 October 2014

Location:Abingdon, MD

Weather:Cooling. Winds moderate at 10-15 from NNW.

Snow Cover:None to date.

Water Conditions: Tides above average this week due to full moon phase. Abnormal tides now subsiding.

Feeding Conditions: Canada geese feeding harvested corn fields and grassy cut hay fields. No beans cut to date in our area.

Species and Numbers:Resident numbers are up. Some new birds have moved into our area taking advantage of the offerings of fresh cut corn fields.

Migrations:Migration first wave now working beginning to show this past weekend. Some flocks in large numbers but not consistent yet. It’s definitely starting!!

Season Stage:First AP split starts the week or Thanksgiving. Early duck season is in and I hear the hunting was fair the weekend opener. 

Hunting Report: Most of my crew is in deer mode looking forward to the rut and early muzzleloader season.

Gossip:We are now finalizing our farm and preparing for the season, lots of work to complete prepping the pits and blinds. Can’t wait for the season to begin!!


Name:Kenny Gray

Date:October 14, 2014

Location:Chestertown, MD

Weather:Seasonal, but temperatures expected to drop next week.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Good, local ponds have good amounts of water, but are not completely full.

Feeding Conditions: Most dark geese are continuing to feed on cut corn, some are starting to hit the cover crop wheat.

Species and Numbers:Good numbers increased from last week with another good push coming in.  Puddle duck numbers also increased but still seem low for this time of year.  No divers or snow geese spotted yet.

Migrations:New birds are continuing to arrive daily; we are currently behind in our dark goose numbers from last year, but not by much.

Season Stage:Currently in our first split of duck season, goose season is closed until the end of November. 

Hunting Report: Reports so far for the first split are average, heavy rains on Saturday washed some hunters out, but those that went had good reports of wood ducks and teal with the occasional mallard mixed in. 


Name:Jeff kreit


Location:Baltimore MD

Weather:Rain, highs in 70’s and lows in the 50’s.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Good, most of the ponds are full.

Feeding Conditions: Cutting will slow down due to weather.

Species and Numbers:Geese

Migrations:More than last week.

Season Stage:Early ducks are open.


Name:Bryn Witmier


Location:Strausstown, PA

Weather:It is supposed to rain most of this week and we need it.

Snow Cover:N/A

Water Conditions:  Low. 

Feeding Conditions:  Crops keep coming down and there are loads of acorns this year.

Species and Numbers:  Good amount of wood ducks and geese. Very few mallards.

Migrations:Picked up some new geese over the weekend.

Season Stage:Early duck season opens this weekend.

Hunting Report:Deer didn’t move too much last week with the full moon.

Gossip:We will see if this week’s rain shuffles things up for the opener.


Name:Kevin Addy

Date:October 14, 2014

Location:Reading, PA      

Weather:Highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s.

Snow Cover: None 

Water Conditions: Levels are still low but did come up some after Saturday’s rain.

Feeding Conditions: About 90% of silage down now and most of it has cover crop growing. Corn is slowly being combined and a few bean fields have been harvested. 

Species and Numbers:The migration activity the last few days has the Canada numbers up and maybe a few more ducks in the south zone. The north zone has lots of woodies with a few mallards and teal mixed in.

Migrations:  We did get a good push of Canada geese the last few days. A few ducks may have moved in too.

Season Stage:The north zone duck opened on the 11th followed by the southern zone on the 18th.

Hunting Report: The north zone opener was a lot of fun. We ended the morning with 18 wood ducks and a pair of mallards. Lots of woodies around this year even in spots that normally don’t have numbers of them.

Gossip:  The deer are starting to move a little more and the south zone duck opener is Sat. Should be a circus in PA.