Waterfowl Migration Reports — Atlantic

Avery Outdoors takes a look at waterfowl migration reports.

November 13, 2014


Name:Eric Bartlett


Location:Hollis, Maine

Weather:Clear with mild temps in the mid-50’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Calm and cool

Feeding Conditions: Shallow water areas that harbor anything from acorns, some vegetation to some aquatic bugs.

Species and Numbers:30 wood ducks, 10 goldeneye, 15 greenheads, 5 black ducks, 4 ring-necks.

 Migrations: Multiple groups of birds moving around. New to the area some goldeneye and ring-necks showed up. Now that we are into the migration and into the second season new species are making their appearance.

Hunting Report: The waterways are still seeing some hunting pressure around here; however most people are chasing the whitetails around.

Gossip:The weather has been very erratic in temperature but otherwise it has been fairly calm. Cold weather being on the schedule may start to lock up some areas which may change the game a little. This may work to our benefit.


Name:Sean M. Fritzges

Date:10 November 2014

Location:Bel Air, MD         

Weather:Weather at this time normal with temps in the 40-50’s.

Snow Cover: None at this time. 

Water Conditions: Bay tide levels normal. 

Feeding Conditions: Canada geese feeding in cut corn and soybean fields. Geese also feeding in grass fields. 

Species and Numbers:Numbers are increasing daily as new birds arrive to our area.  

Migrations:Migration has slowed the past few days. Possibly the recent full moon has the birds remaining local. 

Season Stage:AP season closed at this time. 

Hunting Report: Bow hunters out in full force hunting the rut and looking for the BIG whitetails.

Gossip:Very much looking forward to the start of the AP season.


Name:Marshall Starkey


Location:Essex, MD

Weather:Seasonal weather with cooler lows at night. Much colder temps expected at the end of the week.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Average

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields and impoundments that have recently flooded are holding birds.

Species and Numbers:Canada goose numbers continue to inch up. There are more than a few birds here but it doesn't seem to be as many as years past.

Migrations:New geese have continued to arrive on the upper shore.

Season Stage:AP Canada goose season is a few weeks away. November duck season is underway.

Hunting Report: Still plenty of woodies around for the duck hunters.

Gossip:The whitetail rut is starting to really ramp up, a lot of big deer falling this week.


Name:John Taylor


Location:MD Eastern Shore (Lower Shore) Wicomico County, Quantico area

Weather:Cool mid-60's and sunny.

Snow Cover:N/A

Water Conditions:Tidal, calm

Feeding Conditions:Good

Species and Numbers:Canada geese, green-winged teal

Migrations:New and more geese showing up all the time. I duck hunted this past Saturday (11-8-14) and saw a lot of green-winged teal around. A few mallards and black ducks around as well.

Season Stage:Still early but steady coming in!

Hunting Report:Goose season isn't in yet. Duck hunting was great for teal but slow on other species.

Gossip:A lot of geese around for this time of the year. Looks like it's going to be another great season! Seeing more and more ducks showing up.


Name:Kenny Gray

Date:November 10, 2014

Location:Chestertown, MD

Weather:Seasonal, but a cold front up north is supposed to be heading this way!

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: Good, average to slightly below average.

Feeding Conditions: Geese are feeding mainly on cut corn with winter wheat.

Species and Numbers:It’s been a weird week, goose numbers are half of what they were last week, hopefully they have just moved to different field to feed and not moved further south.  

Migrations:Last week was slow, no new birds at all. 

Season Stage:Duck season opened Saturday and goose is still two weeks away. 

Hunting Report: Based on the shooting I heard from the deer stand Saturday night, the first day was very slow.  

Gossip:With duck season starting slow and goose season two weeks away, the next two weeks will be all about the rut.


Name:Bryn Witmier


Location:Strausstown, PA

Weather:About what you would expect for early November.  Cold snap coming our way later this week.

Snow Cover:None

Water Conditions:Low

Feeding Conditions:Good.  About 75% of crops are harvested. 

Species and Numbers:Decent amount of geese.  A few ducks but nothing special.

Migrations:Nothing major recently

Season Stage:Regular duck and goose season opens on Saturday.

Hunting Report:Whitetail bucks are on the move.

Gossip:If you like to deer hunt this week is for you.


Name:Kevin Addy

Date:November 10, 2014

Location:Reading, PA      

Weather:Highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s – will be highs in the 40’s and lows in the 20’s by late week.

Snow Cover: None 

Water Conditions: Levels are still low

Feeding Conditions:Good – plenty of harvested corn, beans and cover crop around.

Species and Numbers:The numbers are about the same as last week.

Migrations:  Birds continue to trickle down. Some birds will only be here a few days and then I believe are moving further south.

Season Stage:North zone duck and RP geese are open now. The south zone duck and AP goose season opens on the 15th.

Hunting Report: Nothing open on the south / AP zone.

Gossip:Everyone is talking about the storm and how it will affect the