Waterfowl Migration Reports — Mississippi

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.

January 15, 2015



Name:Richard Shamla

Date: 01-14-15

Location: Clara City MN

Weather:Daytime highs getting up into the teens and twenties for this week. 

Snow Cover: Anew dusting of about an inch of snow arrived last night.

Water Conditions: Mostly all water is frozen except the river and a goose hole on Lac Qui Parle Lake.

Feeding Conditions: Remaining geese are feeding on the refuge in cornfields.

Species and Numbers:  Not many geese remain on the refuge.

Migrations: None

Season Stage:Closed

Hunting Report: None

Gossip: Even the ice fishing has been slow with the cold front and highs below zero for most of last week.


Name:  Greg Owens

Date:Jan 12 2015

Location: Rochester, MN

Weather:really really cold!

Snow Cover: about 5”

Water Conditions:  Everything is frozen up except the rivers through town.

Feeding Conditions:  There is still plenty of food around for the birds that are still in town. 

Species and Numbers:  Duck and Goose numbers are pretty low right now. But with no hunting pressure, the birds that are still here will probably stay here through the winter.

Migrations:  None noted.

Season Stage:The season is closed now.

Hunting Report: Things were pretty slow at the end of the season.

Gossip:  Ice fishing is really starting to heat up.