Waterfowl Migration Reports — Mississippi

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.

October 30, 2014


Name:Richard Shamla


Location: Clara City, MN

Weather:Today it is overcast with light winds and the temperature is 41 degrees.  We had are having cooler temperatures this week with some rain.  The daytime highs are in the 50’s and 40’s with nighttime lows near freezing. The wind yesterday was a stiff west to northwest wind perfect for migration.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions:Water is still above average and all open.

Feeding Conditions:Waterfowl are feeding in the harvested corn fields in the area.  With the cooler temperatures the morning flight time got later.

Species and Numbers:Geese are slightly up and ducks numbers are up slightly as well.

Migrations: Saw some migration start this past week but nothing big yet but this could be the start.

Season Stage:Middle of duck and goose season.

Hunting Report: Goose hunting this past week has been tough with nice weather no winds and not much for new birds.  Duck hunting is spotty and most puddle ducks are gone from the area.  Diver hunting is good if you find the right bodies of water.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name:Greg Owens

Date:Oct 27, 2014

Location: Rochester, MN

Weather:Lows in the 30’s and highs in the 70’s.

Snow Cover: None yet

Water Conditions: The water is very low.

Feeding Conditions: The farmers are going at the harvest around the clock. Most of the birds are still on grass in the area.  The rice crop on the river is pretty bad this year.

Species and Numbers:  Bird numbers are fairly low for both ducks and geese in the area.

Migrations: There has been new geese showing up as well as a few ducks moving through.  But it’s pretty tough out there.

Season Stage:Duck season opened back up on the 11th.  Hunting has been fair at best.

Hunting Report: fair to poor in the area.  There are very few birds around.

Gossip:  Hopefully we will get a push of birds soon.  The locals have moved out and only a few birds have moved in.


Name:Russell Brzezinski            

Date:October 26th

Location:Berkley, Michigan         

Weather:Overcast, light to strong gusts wind, mid 50’s temp.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: N/A

Feeding Conditions: Open water areas are concentrating the birds.

Species and Numbers:Saw a good number of redheads and squaws – not many geese around

Migrations:Redheads and long tails

Season Stage:Mid-season stage

Hunting Report: Good success on long tails, not many puddlers seen and geese were all but absent.  Not as many geese as I had seen earlier in the month.


Name:Justin Weber


Location:Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Weather:Partly sunny with lows in the upper 40’s and highs in the 60s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water levels are at normal conditions.

Feeding Conditions:Canada geese are hitting the few combined corn fields. Ducks are hitting backwaters and marshes.

Species and Numbers: Every roost pond has very high number of Canada geese on it. Mostly greaters but there are a decent number of lesser mixed in. We seem to be holding a lot of geese in the Madison area right now. Seeing more mallards and a few wood ducks around as well.

Migrations:On Sunday we had a decent push of honkers. With the weather forecast for this weekend, I’m expecting the hunting to be very good and to see a lot of ducks coming down as well.

Season Stage:Mid-season

Hunting Report:There’s no excuse for not shooting limits of geese in Wisconsin right now, birds are everywhere. Ducks are “spotty” but expecting that to change with weather forecast.

Gossip:This weekend…. be ready!


Name: Nathan Bender      


Location:Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Weather:Partly cloudy skies with warmer temps have made up the forecast for the last week or so. Days where temperatures are in the 40s-50s in the mornings, climb to temperatures in the high 60s-70s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water levels have been pretty consistent for most areas all across the board and will definitely benefit the hunters as a good amount of the crops are coming out by the day and the birds are starting to get concentrated.

Feeding Conditions: Honkers have been feeding both in the mornings and afternoons. They have been hitting cornfields as of late with some hitting beans. The Mallards that are down are hitting cornfields that have standing water in the early morning hours as well as in the evenings. Numbers vary from area to area but feeds of up to a thousand or so mallards can be found easily if you put the time in scouting.

Species and Numbers:Our current Honker population is high with migrators moving in each day we have had north winds. Our duck population as of right now consists of mostly teal and mallards. Numbers of mallards have increased as the crops have come off and the temperatures have started to fall to the north. Divers should be here within the next week or so and hunters should expect to have great shooting on many different species up until the season closes.

Migrations:Whenever a north wind is present, migrating Canada geese have filled the skies. With the extended forecast and weather that the north country is experiencing, we should see a pretty significant push of new waterfowl and it should make for good hunts until we get the extremely cold weather near the end of our season.

Season Stage:Mid-season

Hunting Report: Hunting has been exceptional if you can find a field that Honkers are feeding in or if you are able to get under the migratory birds that are headed south. I’ve heard of mixed reports with guys that have been shooting honker limits in the area with the strong population of resident honkers but have also heard reports that are very stale. Reports from other hunters in our area on duck numbers have been spotty but almost every hunt so far this season in pursuit of ducks for me has yielded good success!

Gossip:Teal and wood ducks are becoming rarer in the area as we move into November. Although some of the larger groups of teal have moved out of the area, there are still big bunches of green-wings present on some sloughs. Mallards have made a small push during the last week and have filled most sloughs in the area and many are expecting with the new weather in the forecast, that we will see a significant push of mallards.


Name:Gerry Mazur

Date:October 28, 2014

Location:Bono, Ohio

Weather:Clouds giving way to some sun as the warm front pushes through with the rain. Temps will start drop back to the 50’s and high 40’s for the weekend.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water levels have gone down with the southwest winds pushing water out to the lake.

Feeding Conditions: Some dry weather will help farmers get out cutting beans and corn in the next week.

Species and Numbers:Blue-bills and reds appear to be the only ducks in numbers. Spotty mallards and local geese are few and far between.

Migrations:Concentrations are to the north and have no reason to move.

Season Stage:A lot of time left in both Michigan and Ohio.

Hunting Report: Seeing very little activity at the docks and even fewer in any open fields. Has just been too warm!


Name:Ryan Eder


Location:Lake County, IL

Weather:40’s & 50’s average daily temps, minimal rain, 10-15 N/NW winds, partly cloudy.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water still high from rains last week, some flooded fields still.

Feeding Conditions: More and more food sources available in harvest in full swing – lots of feeding activity in corn/bean fields (geese and ducks).

Species and Numbers:Canadas – more migrating groups, thousands of birds in select fields this week.  Very large number of mallards roosting in small farm ponds, groups of hundred per pond, thousands total within 2 square miles (Ivanhoe, IL).

Migrations:Geese are migrating; ducks appear to be scattered midwest ducks from hunting pressure.  Too warm up north, no big push yet in ducks.

Season Stage:Early, season has been open 2 weeks and with warmer weather, there is not abundant migration activity.  Ducks are here though, and staging in larger groups.

Hunting Report: This weekend we shot 3 geese in our duck spread, and 25 ducks.  Mostly mallard, 3 wood ducks, 1 ring-bill and 1 farm duck/mallard cross.

Gossip:More and more mallards in the area with several groups limiting out on ducks (both on water and in field).  Still lots of birds up north with no pressure to leave (warm temps).


Name:Brandon Geweke  


Location:Antioch, Illinois

Weather:Warmer temps, Low 40’s and high 70’s. Had a couple great northwest wind days earlier in the week that pushed some birds around.

Snow Cover: 0

Water Conditions: Do to high winds the water is definitely turned up. Have not had much rain in the last two weeks.

Feeding Conditions: Majority of the fields are harvested now, with the warmer temps this past week it really affected the feeding conditions to feed mid-morning and then go back to water and loaf 

Species and Numbers:Wood ducks seem to be down from previous weeks and the teal seem to have made a revisit, end of last week it seemed as if they moved out but the last three days we have seen some great numbers. Geese are really stacking up on the local neighborhood ponds. I have seen big groups of divers working the big water/Lake Michigan

Migrations:The weather is going to turn mid-week this coming week with strong winds from the NW we have seen a large amount of Canada pushing down from the North. We’re in the first week of the October lull. But this coming week should be exceptional.

Season Stage:Season opened on the 18th of Oct.

Hunting Report:This past week we have had a couple great shoots. Mallards seem to be hitting the bean fields hard right now.

Gossip:Nothing at this time.


Name:Shaun Patrick


Location:Troy, MO

Weather:Highs in the 50’s lows in the 40’s.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Good

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers:Wood ducks, early migrators

Migrations:We have seen some early migrators coming into the area, but no large pushes yet.

Season Stage:MO north zone opened last weekend. Central zone opens this weekend.

Hunting Report: Hunting this weekend was feast or famine, with most guys who bagged out, shooting large numbers of wood ducks. We currently have more wood ducks around than I have seen in a long time. Some groups got into decent groups of blue wings, and other early migrating birds.

Gossip:  Word is that we are a few weeks behind schedule on our migration, with very few mallards being shot this weekend, which seems to be the case. We are currently having a cold front moving through so hopefully we will see an influx of new birds into our area.