Waterfowl Migration Reports — Central

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.

October 16, 2014


Name:Mike Clement


Location: Devil’s Lake, ND

Weather:Highs in the 50’s/ Lows in the upper 30’s.

Water Conditions: Excellent

Feeding Conditions: Birds feeding in the mornings and evenings in mostly wheat fields with some in beans.

Species and Numbers:A lot of resident ducks have seemed too moved out with some northern birds moving in but slowly. Seems like last weekend there was a lot less ducks around but still a good amount of Canada geese. I only observed one field holding a small amount of snow geese.

Migrations: A few northern mallards have moved in but a lot of local ducks have moved out.

Season Stage:Mid-early

Hunting Report: Hunting went ok this past weekend for me but it seems to have slowed a bit. I didn’t find many large feeds of ducks like the weeks before as it seems a lot of local birds moved out from weather and pressure. There are still a good amount of Canadian geese. Warm weather is projected through the rest of the week so I don’t see any reason for a big push of birds but I hope it is better than last weekend.


Name:Kirk Steffensen

Date:October 15, 2014

Location:Lincoln, NE

Weather:Seasonable with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Great – rainwater basins are all full with water everywhere.  Local lakes and ponds are also full. 

Feeding Conditions: Harvest is in full swing.

Species and Numbers:Lots of BWT around with a few big ducks.

Migrations:Nothing noted.

Season Stage:Duck season is open in zones 1, 2 and 4 with zone 3 opening next Wednesday.  Dark goose season doesn’t open till October 27th.

Hunting Report:Good numbers of teal still being taken.

Gossip:Nothing at this time.


Name:Spencer  Holzfaster

Date:October 8, 2014

Location:Paxton, NE

Weather:59 Degrees

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: River systems still have great water; big water (local lakes and reservoirs are about 50 percent full and have great back water). Farm ponds are full due to lots of rain and irrigation run off.

Feeding Conditions: Corn harvest is in full swing.

Species and Numbers:Lots of teal and big ducks have made their way down to the farm ponds and back waters of the big reservoirs. Also local wetlands and flooded meadow are starting to build duck more and more numbers.

Migrations:Slow migrations due to early seasons and warmer weather. Teal and a few big ducks are the only birds that have really shown up. 

Season Stage:Not started

Hunting Report: Good early teal season. There have been lots of teal around due to the great water conditions.

Gossip:  None


Name:Jared Shepard       


Location:Scottsbluff, NE

Weather:Temperatures stayed pretty much the same as the previous week with high’s in the 70’s and low 80’s with overnight lows into the 30’s and 40’s.

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: Rain from a couple weeks ago caused a lot of wet spots in the low areas of fields and pastures and the water level in the river is continuing to recede….slowly.

Feeding Conditions: Chopped corn, a variety of beans and plenty of green alfalfa.

Species and Numbers:Still only local ducks and geese in the area.

Migrations: No major migrations yet.

Season Stage:All waterfowl seasons are closed at this time with the exception of white-fronted and light goose seasons which are now open. Dove season remains open until Oct 30. Other season openers are as follows: Duck-Oct 22, Pheasant-Oct 25 and Dark Goose-Oct 27. Youth waterfowl weekend is this weekend, the 18th-19th!

Hunting Report: If the estimates are close this should be another outstanding year!

Gossip:There is still much talk about how the water level in the river may remain high this year. Concern continues to be voiced about high water during waterfowl season.


Name:Andrew Schlueter


Location:Seward, NE

Weather:60/52 temperature range, 17 MPH (N), some rainfall .13 inches.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Normal

Feeding Conditions: Silage corn is out and a lot of the beans are out. Some high moisture corn is coming out, along with some short season corn.

Species and Numbers:Local geese are grouped up. Geese are feeding twice a day. 


Season Stage:Pre-season

Hunting Report: Youth season is this weekend. 

Gossip:Nothing at this time.