Waterfowl Migration Reports — Pacific

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.

January 15, 2015


Name:  Kent Contreras


Location:Newport, WA.

Weather:  Mixed bag last week with snow showers and a slight cooling trend. This week’s forecasts show more of the same. Partly sunny skies with morning fog. Snow predicted for the coming weekend. Temps will remain mild with highs in the 30's and lows in the upper 20's

Snow Cover: Snow hit the area again last weekend giving us a couple more inches on the valley floor. Total coverage now is about 6 inches

Water Conditions: Water levels continue to fluctuate as the dams release and hold backwater

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions are poor due to the snow.  Birds have to feed near the shorelines

Species and Numbers:Those that are staying in the area are big Canada geese, divers and some puddle ducks. The biggest population of birds in the area is the diver species with some larger flocks of widgeon. Bufflehead, golden eye, ring necked and lesser scaup are rafting up on the river. Goose numbers seem to have dropped

Migrations:Looks like the divers have started to show up; all other bird numbers have leveled off

Season Stage:Week 13 - the last month of the waterfowl season

Hunting Report:Hunted the weekend and was successful on both days with mixed bags. Ring Necks, Redheads, Lesser Scaup, Widgeon, a few Mallards and even a Gadwall were harvested. Only two more weekends before it's time to put things away!

Gossip:   Hearing good reports out of the Columbia Basin area and Tri-Cities


Name:  Allen Riggs


Location:Metaline, WA

Weather:Weather has been unpredictable. Snow flurries have been common; high temps in the upper 20s and lows in the teens

Snow Cover: Snow cover is 7-9 inches with more snow expected

Water Conditions: Water levels in the Pend Oreille River are low; water is cold with some ice around edges. Lakes and ponds are frozen.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are feeding in rivers that aren’t frozen, fields have too much snow cover to feed in

Species and Numbers:Canada goose numbers are very low. Most puddle ducks have left the area but divers are moving in

Migrations:Only new diver ducks are migrating

Season Stage:Week 13 of the season

Hunting Report: Hunting for ducks has picked up slightly, with more divers in the area. Goose hunting has come to a standstill


Name:  Geffrey Duncan

Date: 1-12-15


Weather:Received a lot of rain over the week. Caused flooding, perfect for waterfowl!

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: fields have a lot of water in them from rain, and rivers

Feeding Conditions:  There is plenty of food around with oats, and smartweed

Species and Numbers:Not many geese, quite a few ducks though!

Migrations:Starting to see more ducks in the area

Season Stage:Late Season

Hunting Report: It’s finally picking up a little and people are doing better

Gossip:Hoping they keep coming!


Name:  Travis Lyle

Date:  1-12-15

Location:Western NV

Weather:  Mid 50’s for a high, and lows in the 30’s. 

Snow Cover: Well we’ve gone from cold to above average temps for highs.  Upper 50’s and not much snow to talk about.  Not looking good as of now

Water Conditions: Bad.  Water levels have come down a bit even with the cooler temps.  If we stay on this path won’t be much to talk about next season

Feeding Conditions: Its’the same as the water, little to none.  Been seeing some plots of widgeon grass floating around in a few areas

Species and Numbers:  Ducks have moved on.  Not much out there right now. Did see some snows coming back but sure they won’t stay long.  Few honkers around, but not enough to get excited about

Migrations:  Doesn’t seem to be much around.  Got to get out and scout for sure now

Season Stage:  This is the last month of the season.  It’s now or never

Hunting Report:  Been slow for some and hot for others. Need to scout

Gossip:  Real slow out there