Waterfowl Migration Reports — Pacific

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.

October 30, 2014


Name:David Harper


Location:Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather:Sunny and usually light winds in the afternoon with high temps around 60 degrees and dipping to about 30 overnight.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Lots of water around; still have plenty of canal driven water hanging around but reservoirs are starting to fill again and nothing is freezing over yet.

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions are the best they will be all year on both water and dry ground.

Species and Numbers:Good numbers of local geese around as well as puddle ducks. Not a large number of diving birds yet.

Migrations:Haven’t really seen one yet.

Season Stage:3 weeks into season.

Hunting Report: Hunting can be pretty good right now on both water and dry ground. Guys are finding success shooting the smaller puddles of water.

Gossip:Nothing at this time.


Name:Jeremiah Pope


Location:Meridian, ID

Weather:Mostly cloudy with intermittent rain showers.

Snow Cover:N/A

Water Conditions:Rivers are flowing at a high rate still and with the recent rains all small and large bodies of water around the Treasure Valley are active with birds.

Feeding Conditions:Fields are being harvested now so there is a great opportunity to get on birds in the fields as well as on still or moving water sources.

Species and Numbers:Bird numbers around the valley are beginning to increase. In the last few days I have noticed more small flights of mallards around the valley and have seen a few small geese which generally indicate that geese are migrating into the area. With cooler temps and snow in the north I expect numbers to increase substantially over the course of the next 2 weeks.

Migrations:Just beginning

Season Stage:First month

Hunting Report:Hunting has been slow for the past week but with increasing numbers and harvest being on it should be picking up.

Gossip:No gossip to report at this time.


Name:Travis Madden                   

Date: 10/28/14

Location:Orem, Utah

Weather:Mornings have been a lot cooler with possible snow showers this weekend.

Snow Cover:None

Water Conditions:Depending on where you hunt it will vary although most places are struggling for water.

Feeding Conditions:Again feeding conditions are varying with little water this summer some places did not get much growth as far as food.

Species and Numbers:Lots of teal still around with a few puddle ducks ( mallards and gadwalls ) mixed in.

Migrations:Still not much for new birds but we are seeing a few. 

Season Stage:Still early only 4 weeks into the season long ways to go!

Hunting Report:Hunting has been hit and miss mostly miss from the reports.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name:Rob Friedel 

Date:  10/28/2014

Location:Hooper, UT

Weather:70 degrees and sunny.  The last two days have led to a little cooler temp.

Snow Cover: No white stuff to speak of yet.

Water Conditions: Impoundments for the WMAs are all holding a good bit of water. The Great Salt Lake and surrounding marshes are struggling.

Feeding Conditions: With a lack of cooler weather, the birds are only feeding when they have to, and it doesn’t seem to be very often.

Species and Numbers:Lots of GWT, spooners. Starting to see an influx of divers.  Backwaters are still holding resident mallards and pintail.

Migrations:Starting to see a few birds roll in.  Hopefully this north jet stream will have a few birds riding it.

Season Stage:Nearly a month down.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been tough with warm weather and lots of mosquitos! Birds seem to move early and late if they move at all. Hopefully these last couple of days will help in both areas!

Gossip:  How can you make sure you never miss a target? Shoot first, and whatever you hit, call it a target!