Waterfowl Migration Reports — Canada

Avery Outdoors takes a look at waterfowl migration reports.

October 30, 2014


Name: Bill Dougan

Date: October 27, 2014

Location:Cochrane, Alberta

Weather: Temperatures have been ranging from lows of -1 to highs of 11. Mostly sunny for most of the week and moderate winds.                          

Snow Cover:Hopefully none for the next few months

Water Conditions:Water conditions are still good may see some freeze ups in the next week.    

Feeding Conditions:Feeding conditions are great; all of the crops are harvested now 

Species and Numbers: Large numbers of snow geese here now and lots of mallards as well. Some swans as well.

Migrations:There are still some geese up north, over the last week there has not been much of a push of birds into the southern areas, but the weather up north is

starting to cool down a lot this coming week and should push a lot of birds south.

Season Stage: We are just starting our seventh week of the season which opened on September 8.

Hunting Report:Guys are still having some great hunts in Peace River areas and also some awesome hunting in the Edmonton area. The southern areas should soon

start to have some good shooting in the coming weeks.

Gossip: Guys have been having some awesome snow goose and mallard hunts as well as some great diver shooting as well.


Name:Chris Stoddart

Date:Oct 27, 2014

Location:Lac Nilgaut, QC

Weather:Cool, rain/snow, windy (average hi 44; average low 33 degrees).

Snow Cover: Nil

Water Conditions: Open

Feeding Conditions: Excellent in back bays and ponds.

Species and Numbers:Excellent numbers black ducks and good numbers of ring-necks.  Average numbers of scaup, large numbers of hooded mergansers.  Some buffleheads around at this time.

Migrations:Declining numbers of wood ducks out of the area; ring-neck ducks and hooded merganser numbers have increased. Canada geese continue to trickle south through the farm land.

Season Stage:Mid - season

Hunting Report: Good

Gossip:Duck hunting is really good, lots of numbers.  After two weeks of           downpours the Quebec moose hunt has ended for another year