Waterfowl Migration Reports — Canada

Avery Outdoors takes a look at waterfowl migration reports.

November 13, 2014


Name: Bill Dougan

Date: November 10, 2014

Location:Cochrane, Alberta

Weather: Temperatures will be ranging from lows of -20 to highs of - 8. Mostly sunny for this week with moderate winds.                          

Snow Cover:Had some snow over the last couple of days about 10 cm or so.

Water Conditions: a lot of water is now frozen up thru out most of the province.    

Feeding Conditions:Feeding conditions will be hard for the birds with all this snow and frozen ground.

Species and Numbers: A lot of birds have left the area, still some diver shooting to be had.

Migrations:The northern parts of the province are frozen up and with all this snow that should push a lot of birds south within the next few days.

Season Stage: We are just starting our ninth week of the season which opened on September 8.

Hunting Report:Guys are still having some great diver hunts up north the early part of last week.

Gossip: The hunting in northern Alberta and in the Edmonton area was awesome this year Hunting in the southern areas was okay but not great.


Name:Chris Stoddart

Date:November 9, 2014

Location:Lanark, ON

Weather:Getting cold, morning frost, some snow.

Snow Cover: Nil

Water Conditions: Open

Feeding Conditions:Ducks still using back bays and ponds; Canada geese using corn and soybean fields.

Species and Numbers:Good numbers of mallards, ring-neck ducks.  Excellent numbers of Canada geese.

Migrations:Goldeneye and bufflehead starting to arrive.  Wood ducks have pushed further south. 

Season Stage:Mid-season

Hunting Report: Excellent

Gossip: Nothing at this time.